Buying guide to clocks

Clocks are a stylish and useful addition to your home. Add a signature touch to the decor with a wall clock to keep track of the time, or an alarm clock to help you start the day in the right way. As you look through the exceptional range of timepieces in an assortment of colours and designs, consider which will suit your needs before you buy. Whether you are looking for a decorative shelf clock for your kitchen, an alarm clock for your bedroom, or a travel alarm clock to take on holiday, our Tesco buying guide for clocks can point you in the right direction.

Analogue or digital clocks

A starting point when considering the ideal style of clock is to decide whether you prefer the modern look of a digital clock, or the more traditional appearance of an analogue clock face with hands. Both offer accurate and convenient timekeeping while having different display formats that complement and add to the feel of a room. A digital clock shows the time using numbers to signify hours, minutes or seconds. Digital alarm clock displays will often also include the current date, or an icon that signifies if the alarm has been set and activated.

Analogue clocks tell the time with hour, minute and second hands that point to numbers or Roman numerals. Both types of clock can be powered by battery, but digital clocks also sometimes come with an extension lead that can be directly plugged into an electrical socket.

The versatility of the two formats for clock faces ensures that there is a full range of shapes and sizes to choose from when shopping for the home or the office. Popular brands stocked online include Jones & Co and Acctim. When you have selected the type of clock you wish to buy, consider the functions you would like to be included and where you would like the clock to be displayed. Clocks in the Tesco range can be either placed on a flat surface, mantlepiece, shelf or table, or alternatively wall clocks can be easily hung up in a living, dining or bedroom space.

Alarm clocks

Wake up in the morning on schedule with a handy alarm clock beside your bed and you will not be late for work. Choose from a round or square-faced clock with either a digital or analogue display. Popular selections include retro twin-bell clocks that add a quirky, fun look to your bedside table and are available in a range of colours to suit the palette of your room. These metal pieces with a glossy finish provide a pleasant way to rise and shine in the morning with a reliable ringing alarm. Handy square alarm clocks with an easy-to-read dial and snooze function are ideal for a discrete desk alarm, a bedroom accessory, or as a kitchen aid to help measure time while you are cooking dinner for family or friends. New mothers should consider the GroClock range, perfect for showing toddlers when to get up in the morning with a glowing clock face that displays images of stars or the sun.

Radio alarm

Start your day with some music, or catch up on the latest news from the comfort of your bed by opting for a radio alarm clock from the Tesco range. The alarm will either have a buzzer tone, or you can set it to switch on your favourite radio station, with many models including a snooze function too. Within the range there are radio alarms that can connect with your iPod to play your music library.

Simple lightweight radio alarm clocks are a useful addition to any room. Larger models in distinctive colours and designs have a DAB radio tuner built in so you can access 30 different digital stations. Look out for radio alarm clocks that support Bluetooth connectivity as this will allow you to playback from compatible audio devices through the radio's high quality speakers, for an alarm that you will enjoy waking up to.

Travel alarm for holidays

Keep track of the time no matter what country or time zone you find yourself in with a smart and portable travel alarm clock. Make the most of your weekend break or holiday away from home by getting up bright and early to explore your new surroundings. Easy to use, the varied models are made with an LCD touch screen display or a small analogue clock face. An affordable travel alarm clock can be simply added to a rucksack or a suitcase as a great addition to your travel kit - you will not have to worry about missing flights or train connections again.

Wall clocks

An attractive wall clock allows you to tell the time but also gives you the opportunity to express your personality and add a signature touch to a lounge, bedroom, kitchen or hallway. The Tesco range takes in everything from simple white face analogue wall clocks to elaborate multi-coloured designs and bright novelty items. Fun clocks for children can help you to teach them how to tell the time, and these come decorated with cute animals or their favourite characters from TV shows.

Choose from a traditional round or square shape, or go for something a bit more quirky. From innovative wildlife designs to hip retro styles, multi-coloured numbers to products with pendulums added and minimalist wall clocks that complement any decor, we offer a huge variety. You can even buy a cuckoo clock to give your home a vintage feel.

How to hang a wall clock

If you want a wall clock for a particular space, consider a few simple things before you make a decision about which product to buy. Unless the room naturally lends itself to placing the clock in a specific alcove, or on a statement wall, the best place to hang the clock is in line of sight of sofas or dining room chairs where friends and family can admire it. A solid interior wall surface will be more suitable for supporting the weight of heavier clocks.

Avoid plasterboard surfaces and cavity walls, which may conceal pipes or electrical cables. Mark the spot where you wish to hang the clock with a pencil and check the space with an electrical tester, if you can, to ensure this is a safe position. Masonry walls may require a power drill to create a hole where you can place a wall plug, screw or nail. Never hammer nails or screws above or below light switches, or plug sockets. Your wall clock will be supplied with a bracket or keyhole to allow you to hang it from a nail, screw or wall stud.

The simple addition of a clock to a room can help you stay on schedule during the day. It's also a great way to add simple accessories to walls or shelves.