Deck the halls with our Christmas decorations guide

This year, bring the festive spirit to your home with some simple, eye-catching decoration ideas that all the family can enjoy. Accessorising each room with ornaments for the holiday season is one of the most important and fun parts of preparing for Christmas Day. Browse online at Tesco to discover a range of colour schemes and design themes that can inspire you to create a special display.

The centrepiece of festive decorations is always the Christmas tree and there are different types to complement your own individual style. When you have selected your tree and decided on a colourful array of decorations you can then extend that theme throughout your home to ensure the hanging baubles, tinsel, trinkets and garlands welcome visitors when they arrive to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Add little touches to each room to extend the attractive décor from the Christmas tree – glittering tea lights, Christmas card holders, snow globes, festive wreaths and scents can all contribute to the warm atmosphere. You’ll soon find you have made your home an inviting place for family and friends to open their presents on Christmas morning and share a wonderful day.

Decorating a Christmas tree

A Christmas tree starts off as a blank canvas but the type of tree should influence your choice of ornament. An artificial Christmas tree can offer the appearance of an evergreen fir with different shapes of needle and can support a wide selection of decorations. Tinsel trees are ideal for smaller rooms or children’s bedrooms.

Set the tree in a space where it can easily be seen and where it can stay throughout Advent. If you are purchasing ornamental lights then begin decorating your tree with these first, wrapping them around the branches from top to bottom. Make sure you have enough lights to match the size of your tree and cover the full length – they can also be used to accentuate your mantelpiece.

Next, add garlands, ribbons or beading until you have a uniform look. The topper can then be placed on the apex of the tree before you start hanging an even distribution of ornaments. Remember to place some a few inches back into the tree to add depth, and don’t leave any gaps.

Decorating a Christmas table

Your Christmas table will be where you serve your guests for lunch or dinner so the perfect finishing touches will help to make your meal a success special. Tea lights or ornamental candles create a special ambience for family and friends to gather. You could also consider Christmas crackers from one of our festive themes and other small decorations like character ornaments. A small Christmas wreath can be used as a delightful centrepiece for the table. Why not leave a gift bag at the table setting for each guest so that you can exchange presents before dinner?

Festive touches

With the living room, dining room and Christmas tree dressed in festive splendour, consider how you can enhance other areas to complete the winter feel. Start in the hallway with a few ornaments to greet visitors or welcome you home.

The beautiful Gisela Graham range of elegant vintage hanging decorations and trinkets look great on a tree or they can be hung in an entrance space for an appealing start to your Christmas story.

Adding LED lights, decorative snowflakes, or covering your bannister with garlands are all interesting ways to contribute to the character of your space. Snow domes, decorative trees and festive greetings can be places in line of sight as you enter the main areas of your home. Don’t forget to hang your stocking so that Santa knows where to leave your presents!

Whether your home is big or small, decorating for Christmas should not be a daunting task. Follow our suggestions and you and the kids can transform your home into a winter wonderland with ease.

New looks for Christmas 2014

White, red, green and gold are colours that have been traditionally associated with Christmas decorations. Nowadays, however, there is an amazing variation of colourful and intricate ornaments to cover the tree or brighten up a room. From fibre optic Christmas trees to bright baubles, the range ensures that you can choose a style that suits your tastes.

The best way to achieve an attractive balance in your festive display is to opt for complementary decorations that incorporate different shapes, sizes and textures. For this Christmas, there are some popular trends that offer great value for money and spectacular results.

  • Whitstable: For a traditional look with a modern twist, the Whitstable range incorporates quirky hanging decorations and a strong silver and white winter motif. Decorate the tree with silver frosted baubles, snowflakes and textured icicles. Add mini gem hanging decorations and sparkling polar bears to the tree for contrast with a silver or pink tree topper to complete the look. Extend the winter theme to other rooms with polar bear snow globes, white sparkly heart tea lights and honeycomb snowflakes.
  • Croft: Bring a rural feel to your home this Christmas with the Croft selection of bright, distinctive decorations, which have tartan touches, vibrant reds and dark greens. Whether you select a real fir tree or an artificial Christmas tree, it will stand out from the crowd with crochet baubles, felt hanging decorations and red bead chains. Decorate the living room with berry garlands, festive bunting and stag or robin decorations for a country look.
  • China Girl: This collection brings together innovative decorations for an unusual set of ornaments, that will adorn the whole home. One particularly attractive piece is the Tesco mirrored butterfly hanging decoration featuring gorgeous purple and green colours. Welcome guests to your door with a striking peacock feather wreath that offers an alternative to traditional wreaths, or bring sparkle to your home and your tree with sequin garlands, reflector hanging decorations and glass baubles.
  • All That Glitters: A sophisticated collection in tasteful gold, as the name suggests All That Glitters brings together a dazzling selection of trinkets and decorations. A pretty star tree topper is complemented by 3D star hanging decorations, glass swirl baubles and gold bead chains. Decorate corners of the room with black and gold deco trees, sparkly reindeers, Christmas bows and gold ball wreaths.

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