Buying a kids’ bike

Teaching your kids to ride a bike is one of the most memorable and enjoyable early milestones of parenting. Once your kids have mastered the basics of cycling you can watch with pride as they gain confidence, improve their balance, learn how to pedal successfully and start having fun on their bike with friends. Soon they will look for bigger frames as they grow and enjoy the freedom to explore or join in with family cycling trips.

Shopping online allows you to browse through the best cycling gear for your little biker. Whether you are picking out a basic ride-on toy, a first bike with stabilisers, or a mountain bike for older kids, our useful buyer guide can point you in the best direction. Ensuring that your child gets the exercise they need is essential to their development and getting them a bicycle is the perfect way to encourage their active adventures without it feeling like a chore.

Balance bikes

Toddlers can start to learn to ride a bike for the first time using a model with no pedals that allows children to move along by pushing the ground with their feet for stability. This way kids learn the skills of balance and steering while enjoying play indoors or out. We have bikes suitable for kids as young as 10 months to begin navigating the world.

Tough and durable, most models of balance bike have an adjustable seat and handlebars, allowing you to customise for comfort. There are other introductory options such as small tricycles or 2-in-1 bikes that easily convert from a balance bike to a pedal bike as confidence grows. Pick from a range that includes frames branded with popular children’s characters like Peppa Pig and Thomas & Friends.

Bikes for kids

A bike is at the top of many kids’ wish lists when they reach the age to start cycling properly on their own. A good quality bicycle will be a part of your child’s life throughout the year and the key to outdoor adventures. As kids’ cycling skills improve you can consider other factors in bike selection like gears, lightweight frames, suspension, grips and wheel alloys..

Alongside popular blue bikes and pink bikes, there are designs reflecting icons such as Fireman Sam and Mickey Mouse, just like those for the younger kids. Older children will relish cycling on robust BMX bikes, while fans of one Direction will be delighted to receive a branded Lo-Rider bike inspired by the band with stickers to customise.

Many introductory bikes come with removable or fitted stabiliser wheels. The smaller wheels attach to the rear of the bike providing balance and helping to stop the bike from toppling over for novice riders.

After some lessons, when kids are ready, the stabilisers can be removed and they will be able to develop their skills and grow their independence.

Little girls often like bikes designed without a horizontal crossbar and these are also sometimes fitted with mudflaps at the wheels and a front basket for transporting toys. Small mountain bikes for kids have suspension and indexed gears for ease of use when cycling across rougher ground plus down or uphill.

Bike size

When selecting a bike, the first thing to consider is the size to ensure that it will be comfortable for a growing child. As a general rule your child should be able to sit on the seat, while still touching the ground with their tiptoes.

Wheel sizes start at 12 inches, which is suitable for children aged 3-5 years. The wheel size and frame height increase in increments up to a 24 inch wheel bike with a 13 inch frame, which would suit 8-11 year olds. The chart below will be a helpful guide when selecting the right size.

Height Of Child Age Of Child Wheel Size
98 - 112cm 3 - 5 yrs 12"
105-117cm 4 - 6 yrs 14"
112 - 125cm 5 - 7 yrs 16"
117 - 129cm 6 - 8 yrs 18"
125 - 136cm 7 - 9 yrs 20"
130 - 141cm 8 - 11 yrs 24"


When you have chosen the right bike for your child, consider some safety essentials to encourage the young rider into good habits on the road. A cycle safety set is an inexpensive piece of kit that can include useful items like a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and a drinks bottle. A small backpack will allow kids to take equipment with them on longer journeys.

A child should always wear a cycle helmet and our range has been fully tested and certified, as well as coming in a variety of striking and colourful designs.A bell can be easily fitted to a bike and allows cyclists to give a gentle reminder to the world around them when they are out and about.

A high visibility vest is a great way to help a child cyclist stand out clearly when they are they are out and about on their bike. A set of rear and front bike lights will also help older children stay visible when travelling in the evenings, particularly during the winter months.

Bikes for adults

Make cycling an activity for all the family by picking out your own bike from our great range for adults. Frame and wheel size again come into play so you can select the right height, allowing you to cycle with your legs unhindered by the handlebars and your feet able to touch the ground. In most cases the seat can be adjusted up or down to provide the perfect fit.

The range includes modern light-weight designs and entry-level bikes that offer great value for money. Most bikes require a little assembly when they are delivered with wheels and handlebars to be attached to the frame. Between 0-24 gears are generally fitted providing a range of options depending on the type of terrain you plan to tackle.


Cycle carrier frames can be fitted to cars, allowing you to transport the family’s bikes and take them with you on holidays or trips to the park or the countryside. It is sensible to have a tyre repair kit handy and a bicycle pump to keep your bikes in top condition.

Bicycles can be changed and customised with different tyres and mudguards suitable for wet conditions or adjustable stands for when the bike is not being used.

A bike will be a treasured possession, providing hours of entertainment. Find the ideal bicycle for your child and they will be on their way to active, fun leisure time.