Bread makers buying guide

Baking bread has never been simpler - just put a few ingredients into the machine and press the button. A range of programmes and features give you an array of possibilities, from sandwich loaves to speciality breads, cakes and even jams. You have choice and control over loaf size, ingredients and timing, with the viewing window and interior lighting letting you monitor the progress of your loaf.

Bread can be an expensive staple item on your shopping list, so buying a bread maker can be a worthwhile money-saving investment, with the bonuses of bringing creativity and the smell of freshly baked bread to your home.

Loaf size options

Choose between 500g, 750g or 1kg loaves to suit two for breakfast or to feed the whole family.


A range of programmes gives you the choice of baking white, wholemeal or speciality breads. Some models have dough programmes for pizza and rolls, or even the capability to create cakes and jams, too.

Crust control

An adjustable crust control allows you to choose your preference for a light, medium or dark crust. For crispier crusts, some models have fan oven functionality.

Pause control

Gives you the chance to create decorative crusts or to add toppings and glazes.

LCD display

Useful for monitoring the stages of the breadmaking process.

Viewing window

Lets you take a peek at the progress of the baking loaf without spoiling it by opening the lid and causing heat to escape.

Delay timer

This setting allows you to delay the start of the baking process to suit you - set this for the early hours of the morning to wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread.

Keep warm setting

The one-hour ‘keep warm’ setting will keep your bread warm - great for if you get delayed collecting children from school or decide to indulge in a lie-in.

Fast bake

If you've got hungry mouths to feed in a hurry, the fast or rapid bake function can save up to half the usual baking time.

Cool touch housing

A beneficial safety feature that means you can be comfortable in the knowledge that eager little fingers won't get burnt.

Recipe booklets

Many manufacturers include recipes with their instructions so that you can start baking your favourite breads and cakes straight away.