Puts skin irritation on ice

Series 3

Tough on 3-day stubble, smooth on skin

Series 5

Succeeds where others fail

Series 7

Your perfect shave

Our most innovative features

Intelligent Sonic Technology

Intelligent Sonic Technology®

10,000 micro vibrations with every stroke help to capture more hair.



Choose from Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive modes for your optimal performance.

Active Cooling Technology

Active Cooling Technology®

Automatically cools and calms the skin to minimize skin irritation.

Wet & Dry Technology

Wet & Dry Technology®

For a refreshing shave in the shower.

yes CT2cc, CT2s yes 380s Wet&Dry 340s Wet&Dry yes 5050s Wet&Dry yes 799cc

Contour adaptability

Pivoting shaving head

Pivoting shaving head®

Perfectly adapts around facial contours.

yes yes
Flexible cutting elements

Flexible cutting elements®

Cuts short and long hairs with every stroke.

yes yes yes yes

Shaving technology

Triple action cutting system

Triple action cutting system®

Twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer.

yes yes yes yes
Optimized cutting elements

Optimized cutting elements®

Give outstanding closeness and skin comfort.

SensoBlade for an ultimate smooth shave SensoFoil for an efficient shave CrossHair for outstanding closeness that lasts OptiFoil for perfect closeness that lasts longer
Middle Trimmer

Middle Trimmer®

Lifts and cuts flat-lying hair.

yes yes Ultra Sonic

Cleaning technology

Full washability

Full washability®

yes yes yes yes
Clean & Charge Station

Clean & Charge Station®

yes CT2cc yes yes yes 799cc, 790cc

Fast clean

yes 799cc, 790cc

Automatic program selection

yes 799cc, 790cc

Active drying

yes 799cc, 790cc