Get your kids back to school with these helpful tips

Top tips for getting your little ones ready for the new school year from top bloggers and busy mums who've been there and done it.

If they're heading to primary school

Tip #1. Get them emotionally prepared

Make sure that the kids starting school are comfortable using cutlery. They will have to feed themselves their school lunch, so they'll need to be able to eat independently. Sue, Mum to two

Tip #2. Keep your child reading and writing throughout the summer.

Keeping a diary is a good way to encourage this, and it prevents skills getting rusty.

Becky Goddard-Hill (

Primary School

Tip #3. Put together a practical to-do list

If your big kids will be walking to school on their own or with friends, walk the route a couple of times with them before term starts. That way, on the first day back, there won't be a mad rush and they'll know where to go. Maria, Mum of two

If they're heading to secondary school

Tip #1. Their primary school can help

Starting secondary school is a big deal for most children. But these day, many schools will get pupils ready by moving them to different rooms for different subjects, so they get ready to the new secondary school routines.

Tip #2. Get your child excited

Generate enthusiasm (not fear!) about starting their new school. Go out shopping for a new uniform, school shoes, bags and stationery well before September, to help make the impending change seem more 'real' for your child.

Secondary School

Tip #3. Support them in coping with homework

Most schools get children to record homework set each day in a planner or homework diary, together with the date that each piece is due to be given in. Check this yourself at least once a week to make sure your child is keeping up to date.

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