5 smart Christmas decorating ideas

Style tips and helpful hacks to make decorating the home for Christmas easy and stress free.

1. How to hang a wreath without a nail

Take two wreaths and tie them securely to each end of one ribbon. Hang them either side of the door. The second wreath acts as a counterbalance to the first – it looks great, and a hammer and nail isn’t required. Only have one wreath? Tie it onto an adhesive strip hook or an over-door hanger which won’t damage doors or walls. Use a large ribbon tied into a bow to disguise the hook.

2. How to hang stockings without a mantle

Try hanging the family’s stockings up the banister or give the living room door the festive treatment by hanging a stocking from the handle. Another solution is to make a side cabinet or chest of drawers the festive centrepiece of a room. Decorate with a garland, candles and finish off by hanging stockings looped over the top drawer.

3. How to store Christmas lights without tangles

To save on any unravelling headaches, here are a few simple steps to make unpacking and putting up Christmas lights less stressful. Before you pack away the Christmas lights, find a rectangle of thick cardboard. A flattened cereal box would work. Make 2cm incisions into each side at 4cm intervals. Unplug the lights and place the wire close to the plug in one of the bottom incisions and wrap the lights around the cardboard, inserting the wire into each incision.

4. How to make a Christmas candle display

Most of us already have candles at home, so this is a cheap and easy way to make your house more Christmassy. Gather all your candles in one place, everything from tea lights to big candles. Divide them into groups according to colour – different heights and widths will work together, but colours need to blend well. Place the groups of candles around your home en masse: on the hearth by your fireplace, gathered together on a cake stand, or on a mirror or tray, interwoven with holly and fern. Make absolutely sure there are no decorations or furniture anywhere near the candle flames (a house fire is definitely NOT Christmassy) and don’t forget to blow out your candles before going to bed.

5. How to display Christmas cards

Choose some cards that go well together – try grouping them by colour and size. Pick several lengths of thick ribbon that works with your Christmas colour scheme. Tie the ends of the ribbon together in a bow and drape across the top of a window or along some shelves. Use drawing pins to fix the ribbon on. Add cards. Alternatively, make use of the space on internal doors. Place drawing pins in a zigzag down the door, ideally in the crease between panels so holes won’t show. Use string or wool and fasten to the first pin with a knot and then wrap round the following pins until you get to the bottom pin, where you tie another knot. Select cards of a similar size and hang from the wool. Use wooden pegs to secure in place, so they don’t slide.

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