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Try out our Anytime Delivery Saver Plan for a month to enjoy free deliveries 7 days a week on Tesco groceries, Tesco direct, F&F clothing and Wine by the case. When the free trial ends you will automatically move onto a plan of your choice.

Delivery Saver benefits

  • Unlimited grocery deliveries on orders over £40*
  • Free next day delivery on Tesco Direct and F&F orders over £10*
  • Free next day Click+Collect service on Tesco Direct and F&F orders over £10*
  • Free next day delivery on Wine By the Case
  • You'll never be out of pocket with our Delivery Saver Guarantee

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After your free trial, you need to decide which plan you would like to move on to. Don't worry if you're not completely sure - you can change your mind and switch, or cancel, any time during your trial.


You can save on your first Delivery Saver paid plan, or next renewal with Clubcard Boost.

Anytime plans

The flexibility of deliveries 7 days a week

Midweek plans

Delivery Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Delivery Saver Guarantee


We promise you'll never be out of pocket.

We'll work out if your plan costs more than you'd have spent on delivery
charges, if it did we'll give you a grocery eCoupon for the difference.

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*Free trial of Anytime Delivery Saver only available to new Delivery Saver customers. You will not be eligible for this free trial if you received a free trial when you registered with in order to use the Grocery Home Shopping, Wine by the Case or Delivery Saver services within the last six months. One grocery delivery or Same Day Collection a day (over £40) for the days included in your plan. Free and unlimited next day delivery and Click+Collect on Tesco Direct, excludes Tesco Partners. Minimum £10 spend on both F&F Clothing and Tesco Direct. When the free trial ends you will automatically move onto a plan of your choice and payment will be taken accordingly. You can change your mind and switch, or cancel, at any time during the trial. If you are on a trial plan we reserve the right to restrict access to priority slots.

Delivery Saver Terms and Conditions

What is Delivery Saver?

Instead of a delivery charge on every order, you only pay an upfront monthly or yearly subscription starting at £3.50 a month. This means you can choose the delivery slot that suits you, regardless of price.

  • No delivery charges and no hidden costs

    With an upfront, clear payment plan, just meet the minimum basket amount when ordering and you can shop as often as you like

  • Got a Clubcard? Got points?

    Use them towards a new membership or a renewal. Carry on earning them on your orders and Delivery Saver plan.

  • Beat the rush with priority access to slots

    On a pre-paid plan, you'll gain early access to prime delivery slots at peak times such as Christmas

  • Our Delivery Saver guarantee

    We'll work out if your plan costs more than you'd have spent on delivery charges, if it did we'll give you a grocery eCoupon for the difference.

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Subscribe to Anytime and receive deliveries any day of the week, including weekends.
Or choose our Midweek plan, covering Tue, Wed & Thu from just £3.50 per month

Customer feedback on Delivery Saver

  • 5/5

    Always reliable

    "I've been having delivery saver for many years now. Excellent value for money - especially if you use your clubcard vouchers! Makes life so much easier having the shopping delivered and any substitutes are usually carefully chosen."


  • 4/5

    Makes food shopping easy

    "I have used the Tesco delivery service for some time now and it really works for me as I live some distance from supermarkets. Most deliveries are perfect, but If there is an item not to my liking I can simply not accept it."


  • 5/5

    So much info

    "Love the Tesco delivery plan and love the app with which I shop. So much info and you know how long an offer will run for."

    Ginger bea

  • 5/5

    Good idea

    "Delivery saver helps me to save on my online shop and keeps me organised. I find very flexible as I can add as i go right up till the day of delivery."

    Mrs Claus

  • 5/5

    Brilliant service

    "Wish i had done online months ago. Easy & quick to do online. Delivery drivers always cheerful and helpful."

    Austin A30

  • 5/5

    Perfect for me

    "I was able to use my vouchers towards this. I know how much I'm paying per month. I get to book my Christmas order early."


  • 5/5

    Great service and value

    "This is my 3rd year with delivery saver. I think it is brilliant and great value. Never had any issues"


  • 4/5

    Value for smaller regular shops

    "This is great if you like fresh food as you only need spend £40+ to get delivery, so can order smaller shops more often."


  • 5/5

    Saves you money

    "I exchange my club card vouchers for Delivery Saver and its great you get double their worth. I changed £18 and got £36 to use."

    Rosie D

  • 5/5

    The best use of Clubcard points

    "I used my Clubcard points to buy an Anytime Delivery Saver plan. I'm loving free deliveries - don't have to worry about the cost of a slot anymore."


  • 5/5

    Delivery drivers are always very polite

    "I have been using Delivery Saver for quite a few years now….and NO complaints at all. Good value, delivery always on time and the drivers are excellent."


  • 5/5

    Perfect & great value

    "We have been using this plan for years and we are very happy with it. Excellent and reliable service."

    Lolo 1

  • 5/5

    Fantastic service

    "I have been doing online shopping with Tesco for just over a year. At first I thought I would miss shopping in store but this service is so efficient and professional and provides an amazing customer service back up that I have never regretted the swap."


  • 5/5

    Great for the elderly

    "Having groceries delivered is a great help when you're elderly and cannot carry heavy bags."


  • 5/5

    Brilliant service

    "Really don't know how I ever did without this service. I save so much time, energy and money shopping online."


  • 5/5


    "I bought this a week ago and for me its great as im disabled. Having my food brought to me is fantastic plus paying less for each delivery is great."

    Mad Cow

  • 4/5

    A godsend

    "I have been a delivery saver shopper since its inception. I can browse the store, choose bargains and have delivery into my kitchen. The drivers are extremely helpful and friendly. "


  • 5/5

    Good service

    "Delivery on time, polite driver, good quality products. Well done Tesco!"


  • 4/5

    Delivery with a smile

    "This is my second year of using the delivery plan and it is a real saver both in my time and in money. It pays for itself after the second delivery."


  • 5/5

    First Tesco delivery

    "Great service for our first delivery. Would definitely recommend Tesco online to a friend."


  • 5/5

    Delivery Saver plan

    "Saved over £300 in delivery charges last year. Nice one Tesco."


  • 3/5

    Good offer

    "Good offer, but I should be able to choose the date when the money is taken each month."


  • 5/5

    Delivery Saver is a must!

    "Renewed my delivery saver with Clubcard points so no charges for shopping to be delivered any time and any day. A must for me living in the country!"


  • 5/5

    Great service

    "I bought this on recommendation from a friend. It's a great service, no problems and delivery drivers are excellent."


  • 4/5

    Works fine

    "Deliveries always arrive within the allocated timespan."


  • 5/5

    Makes life that bit easier

    "Delivery Saver plans are good value for money. I can shop online anytime and have my shopping delivered when I choose. It's perfect for me and my family."


  • 5/5

    Great versatility!

    "Now I can order my groceries any time and also have F&F and Tesco direct deliveries at the same time."


  • 5/5

    Excellent service

    "A good value for money service. Always good products, helpful delivery drivers and easy to use website."


  • 3/5

    Delivery saver

    "Happy with the plan but a lot of deliveries are at the end of the slot time."


  • 4/5

    Great choice and reliable service

    "Delivery Saver is a great use of Clubcard tokens, such a helping hand. Thank you Tesco."


  • 5/5

    Get the best time slots

    "I love that I can get my stuff delivered at anytime slot for a set price. If you're using the delivery service regularly this is by far the best way to do it."


  • 5/5

    What's not to like?!

    "Boosted my Tesco Club cards into another year's subscription of the Tesco Delivery Saver. I didn't think twice about renewing this, best value for money around. Most occasions, booked an order late-ish at night before for an early next day delivery."


  • 5/5

    Great service

    "I used some vouchers against my Delivery Saver renewal. It brought the cost of unlimited deliveries down to about £1.30 per month, a real bargain. It was very easy to do, I was guided through the process and will definitely do this again."


  • 4/5

    Great idea

    "I can't resist a bargain and so bought a year plan using my Clubcard vouchers. Then I worried it would encourage me to overspend. In fact it's the opposite, because I know I can easily book another delivery I don't go mad spending lots."


  • 5/5

    Great value

    "Delivery Saver represents fantastic value particularly if you use Clubcard vouchers to purchase. Would recommend it to anyone but it's most beneficial and convenient for busy families."


  • 5/5

    A great money saver

    "Easy to set up and use, bundles of offers, priority time slots, and a great money saver."

    Alec G

  • 5/5

    Always reliable

    "The delivery staff are always most obliging. Thank you Tesco."


  • 4/5

    Really good add ons

    "I find delivery saver really good value! I love the fact it gives you free delivery on Tesco direct."


  • 5/5

    Delivery Saver plan

    "Saved over £300 in delivery charges last year. Nice one Tesco."



Frequently asked questions

Delivery Saver is our subscription-based delivery service, designed to help you reduce the cost of home deliveries for your grocery, Wine by the case, F&F and Tesco direct orders (excluding orders placed with Tesco partners). Once you sign up, any orders you place at will be delivered to your home without incurring delivery charges, as long as they reach the minimum spend level for the Tesco website you are ordering from. And you can do that once per day for every day your plan is valid. The more you shop, the more you save on delivery charges.

You can cancel the renewal of your plan at any time. Just call our customer services team on 0800 323 4048. If you cancel within 14 days of signing up and haven't had any Delivery Saver deliveries yet, we'll refund your subscription fee in full.

This guarantee relates to your grocery deliveries. When your plan comes to an end, we'll work out exactly what you've saved on grocery deliveries by being a Delivery Saver customer. We will compare what you paid for your Delivery Saver plan and the delivery charges you would have paid without it. If it turns out you'd have spent less without it, we'll give you a grocery eCoupon for the difference. We'll email your eCoupon to you within 21 days of the end of your Delivery Saver plan.

The trial allows you to try Delivery Saver for a month, for free. after which you will automatically move on to a paid plan of your choice. You will be asked to select this plan when you sign up for the free trial however if you change your mind you can switch or cancel your plan any time during your free trial.

For groceries, at final checkout, your order will need to total £40 or more. Tesco direct (excluding orders placed with Tesco partners) and F&F orders must be at least £10, whereas Wine by the case only requires you to place an order for a case of wine (6 bottles). If you want to build your basket gradually that's fine, you just need to make sure that when you check out for the last time before your delivery, your order reaches the relevant minimum spend level. Don't worry if your order falls below this threshold if there are substitutions, or products are unavailable, you won't be charged for the delivery. If your order does not meet the minimum spend levels you will be charged a minimum basket charge in addition to a delivery charge.

See all FAQs 

Still have questions? Call us.

If you have any further questions or have feedback on Delivery Saver, you can submit it here,
or call our UK-based customer service centre on 0800 323 4048.

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