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Enjoy free any day Click+Collect on all plans, plus free same-day Click+Collect on our Same-day plan


Free deliveries any day, including same-day*

£12.99 a month 1-month contract

£9.99 a month 6-month contract

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Any day

Free deliveries any day, except same-day (£2 charge per order)*

£7.99 a month 1-month contract

£6.99 a month 6-month contract


Free deliveries Tues-Thurs, except same-day (£2 charge per order)*

£3.99 a month 1-month contract

£3.49 a month 6-month contract

*Subject to availability. Mon-Sat only. Exclusions apply. See FAQs for more information, including changes to same-day availability from 18 December to 5 January

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Instead of trying to choose the best value delivery slot each time you order, a Delivery Saver plan means you can choose any available slot that suits you, regardless of price

Free delivery on your shopping** across all of Tesco online.

**Just meet the minimum basket spend across groceries

Our Delivery Saver guarantee

If your plan doesn’t save you money, we’ll give you an eCoupon for the difference

Collect Clubcard points

You’ll earn points on every Delivery Saver payment, as well as collecting points on your groceries

Priority access to prime time slots

Gain early access to delivery slots at Christmas and Easter

We’re using WhatsApp

We’re trialling the WhatsApp messaging service to answer questions about your Delivery Saver account or our plans. You can send us a message via 0800 917 7403 or from mobile devices, Monday–Friday 9am–7pm, Saturday 9am–5pm, and Sunday 10am–6pm. For all other queries, please see our contact us page.

Frequently asked questions

What is Delivery Saver?

Delivery Saver is our subscription-based delivery service, designed to help you reduce the cost of home deliveries for your grocery orders. Once you sign up, any orders you place via Tesco online will be delivered to your home or chosen delivery address, or through our Click+Collect service from your local store. You can do that once a day, every day, as long as your plan is valid.

Are there any basket or ordering rules?

At final checkout your order will need to total £40 or more. Don’t worry if your order falls below this threshold if there are substitutions, or products are unavailable, you won’t be charged for the delivery. If your order does not meet the minimum spend, you will be charged a minimum basket charge of £4.

How does my free trial work?

The trial allows new customers to try Delivery Saver for a month, including free same-day deliveries and free Click+Collect. If you have previously had a free trial or a paid Delivery Saver plan, then you will not be eligible for the free trial.

After the free trial ends, you will automatically move on to a paid plan of your choice. You will be asked to select this plan when you sign up for the free trial. However, if you change your mind you can switch or cancel your plan any time during your free trial.

Can I cancel my Delivery Saver plan?

You can cancel any time during your free trial or within 14 days of starting or renewing a paid plan. If you haven’t placed an order in this time, we’ll provide you with a refund. You can also cancel at any time if there is a material change to the terms and conditions of your plan.

You also have the option to turn off automatic renewal of your plan. Visit your My Plan page, scroll down to the 'Your renewal' section, select 'Cancel renewal' and follow the steps. You may also contact our customer services team. Please see the 'Contact us' FAQ section for details.

Remember, if you don’t save on Delivery Saver at the end of the plan, we’ll give you an e-coupon with the difference.

What is the Delivery Saver guarantee?

This guarantee relates to your grocery deliveries. When your plan comes to an end, we’ll work out exactly what you’ve saved by being a Delivery Saver customer. We will compare what you paid for your Delivery Saver plan with the delivery charges you would have paid without it. If it turns out you’d have spent less by not being on a plan, we’ll give you a grocery eCoupon for the difference, which we’ll email to you within 21 days of the end of your Delivery Saver plan.

Questions related to Christmas

How do I qualify for priority access to Christmas delivery slots?

Access to early Christmas slots is set on 25 November. So you must be on an active paid Delivery Saver plan by this date in order to qualify for early access.

If you're on a free Delivery Saver trial, the trial must end by 25 November to qualify for early access. If your free trial ends later than this date, you can choose to skip the trial and go straight on to a paid plan by 25 November. To do this, simply go to the My Plan page and select 'Upgrade for priority access'. From there, you can change to a paid plan of your choice.

Please see What is the free trial skip? FAQ for more details.

If your account has been suspended, it must be reactivated by 25 November to qualify for early access.

What happens when early access opens in the early hours of 27 November?

Delivery Saver customers can book any available slot on dates up to 23 December. This access to slots is one week earlier than non-Delivery Saver customers.

For most of the UK, our last day of deliveries before Christmas is Monday 23 December, however for some locations close to London we deliver on the Tuesday 24 December too. If you're not in one of these areas, you simply won’t be able to see the slots for 24 December.

Early access at Christmas is one of the very popular benefits for Delivery Saver customers and we know that many customers choose to secure a slot as soon as they become available in the early hours of the morning.

What is the free trial skip?

The free trial skip is available for new Delivery Saver customers only in the month before Christmas slots open, to help make sure they can qualify for early access.

Usually, new customers would have had to sign up to a plan by 25 October, so that when their free trial ends and they move on to a paid plan, they are on the paid plan in time to qualify for early access.

Will deliveries and collections be disrupted over Christmas?

For all locations, deliveries and collections are as normal in the run-up to Christmas, except for the following dates: 24 December (largely unavailable for most locations); 25 and 26 December, 1 January (no service). Plus, in Scotland, there will also be no delivery or collection on 2 January.

There will also be some disruption to the availability of same-day slots between 18 December and 5 January, when most areas will have limited or no availability. Specifically, same-day orders will not be available in any areas on the following dates: 24–26 December, 31 December, 1 January.

If you do book a same-day slot between 18 December and 5 January, any amends you want to make must be done by 10am on the day of delivery.

We expect that in the week before Christmas, there will be less same-day availability than usual, as these slots will have already been booked up when priority Christmas access opens.

I'm on a Midweek plan – when can I book a Christmas slot?

The closest date to Christmas Day that Midweek plan customers can get a free Christmas slot is Thursday 19 December. You can still book a delivery slot outside your plan when priority access opens but you will have to pay the full slot price. Click+Collect slots will be free on any day of the week, as part of your plan.

If you're concerned about fresh food items, you could place an order for any food that keeps in the cupboard or freezer earlier in the week and pop in-store for the final bits of fresh food and any last-minute buys closer to Christmas.

Can I book multiple orders?

Yes. For example, you can book your Christmas slot when they are released and still continue your weekly shops as normal. Head to ‘My orders’ and select the order you would like to amend. Just remember to check out your order to confirm changes.

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