Women's jeans

Our jeans look good, feel great and are made with sustainable cotton. Take a look at our range of fits and invest in denim you won’t regret

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The hero fits we can’t live without

The Contour

Jeans that feel like a dream. The Contour pulls you in with none of that discomfort denim can bring

Contour jeans £22

The Jegging

The aesthetic of jeans with the comfort of leggings. Have you ever heard of anything better?

Jeggings £12.50

The Skinny

This rock 'n' roll drainpipe style is a forever favourite, for fun days, big nights and everything in-between

Skinny jeans £18

The Mom

Your throwback classic is a modern phenomenon. High waist, tapered fit, goes with anything

Mom jeans £18

The Slim

Aside from being a wardrobe classic, the Slim allows for a little more breathing room, with an extended waistband for support

Slim jeans £16

The Bootcut

Figure-flattering with an exaggerated, flared hem, this retro fit is a classic that won’t quit

Bootcut jeans £16

Denim done better

We work with Jeanologia to make sure we are lowering our consumption of water, energy and chemicals during the production of our denim ranges. So it’s better for our planet and your pocket

We use sustainable cotton

So far, our hard work (and talking to some very clever people) has resulted in a range which uses:


Less water consumption

Less energy consumption

Less energy consumption

Fewer chemicals

Fewer chemicals

Sustainable cotton

Sustainable cotton

Cotton is a very thirsty crop and growing this raw material can have a high impact on the local environment and even be damaging to a farmer’s health. That’s why all women’s and men’s F&F denim are made using BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton, with the contour being our most sustainable. This means it’s grown using less water and fewer pesticides, is more profitable for the farmers and is better for their health.

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