Petrol Station FAQ

Where is my nearest Tesco Petrol Filling Station?

The best way to find your nearest Tesco Petrol Filling Station is via our store locator. We have over 500 Tesco Petrol Filling Stations across the UK so you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating one. Simply select your nearest store to see what services are on offer.

I am unhappy with the service provided in a Tesco Petrol Filling Station. Who do I need to report this to?

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. In the first instance please ask for the Store Manager and/or the Petrol Filling Station Manager and let them have your feedback. If you are still unhappy then please email customer.service@tesco.co.uk with your full feedback, including your location and time of your visit. Alternatively, you could call 0800 50 5555.

I am disabled and need help to fuel my car. What do I need to do?

All of our Tesco Petrol Filling Stations have a ‘service call’ or ‘pinpoint’ services. Please ask a member of staff in your local Tesco Petrol Filling Station for more details. Once you have either the pinpoint or service call remote, all you need to do is press the button to alert the staff that you need assistance.

Do you have any guidelines on filling up jerry cans/portable containers?

Yes, please follow the below:

  • Maximum capacity for a plastic container is 10 litres.
  • Maximum capacity for a metal container is 20 litres.
  • Petrol containers should be marked or labelled with the words: “PETROL” and “HIGHLY FLAMMABLE” a hazard warning sign, capacity in litres, manufacturers name and the date and month of manufacture.
  • Customers can fill a maximum of 2 containers of petrol.
  • The maximum amount that can be legally stored by a private individual, without formally notifying the Petroleum Enforcement Authority is 30 litres.
  • Purchases of diesel are not limited to 30 litres.
Why don’t Tesco Petrol Filling Station sell Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)?

We started selling LPG in 2004, but withdrew it in 2011 due to lack of interest.

Why don’t you offer a super diesel?

We are always reviewing our fuel offering and believe that our regular diesel fuel already offers a great combination of performance and value.

What benefits are there if I use Tesco Momentum99?

The most obvious benefit of Tesco Momentum99 is the octane. The octane is 99 compared to 95 for regular unleaded petrol. For those cars that are able to take advantage (generally sportier models), this can improve overall engine performance.

Momentum 99 also contains a special blend of additives to help keep the fuel system clean and working at its best.

Why don’t you supply Tesco Momentum99 in Northern Ireland?

We don’t currently have a supply terminal that is able to produce our high octane base fuel to blend with our exclusive additives in Northern Ireland.

Do you water down your fuel?

Tesco do not add extra water to their fuel, only additives. Water is present in all fuels, but this is regulated to a certain specification BS EN 228: 2012 for Unleaded and BS EN 590:2013 for diesel. The water occurs naturally as part of the refining and distribution process.

Why do you need additives in fuel?

We have two different types of additives in fuel; to ensure the fuel has met British Standards specification and to help engine performance.

Who stocks your Tesco Momentum99?

All new stores in England, Scotland and Wales will supply Tesco Momentum99 as well as over 430 of our Tesco Petrol Filling Stations.

What standards are there for fuel in the UK?

All fuel sold in the UK must conform to the same British Standards. For reference, they are BS EN 228:2012 for Unleaded and BS EN 590: 2013 for diesel. With base fuel the same standard across the country, the difference between retailers then comes down to the additives that are blended into the base fuels before going into tankers and off to the forecourt. We can’t comment on other retailers, but can tell you that we blend additives into all of our fuels: Tesco Unleaded, Tesco Diesel and Tesco Momentum99.

How much ethanol is in Tesco petrol?

Under UK legislation large fuel producers have a mandatory obligation to use a certain percentage of fuel from renewable sources. The renewable fuel used in petrol is ethanol, typically produced from sugar or starch crops such as sugar cane and maize. Dependent on location and supplier, UK petrol contains between 0 and 5 percent ethanol (produced in compliance to BS EN 288:2012).

Why are some of your competitors cheaper than Tesco?

Fuel prices are based on a number of elements including exchange rates, barrel prices and price of fuel additives. We try to offer the best quality, offering our meal deal and convenience items at the same price as the main store and of course, you earn Clubcard points when you shop with us.

Why is my local Tesco Petrol Filling station more expensive than another local one?

Like other major retailers of petrol in the UK we do not operate one national price. We aim to be competitive in all areas, including service and range within our kiosk and forecourts. We aim to provide a better quality as well as better opening hours however this can mean that, at times, petrol prices differ between stores.

The car wash at my local Tesco Petrol Filling Station isn’t working. Who do I report this to?

We are sorry for that, firstly please let colleagues in the kiosk know. If you would like to escalate it further please call our Customer Service on 0800 505 555 to report the problem and we can rectify this as soon as possible.

Why does Tesco Petrol Filling Stations not provide free air for tyres?

The revenue from our air machines covers the cost to operate and maintain these units to an exceptionally high standard, ensuring that they are available for all customers to use.

I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car – what can I do?

If you are in a Tesco Petrol Filling Station, firstly do not turn on the ignition or attempt to start the engine- this will circulate the fuel and increase the risk of damage.

Please find a member of staff who will be able to help you, Tesco have partnered with the AA who will be able to assist you. Call AA Fuel Assist on 0800 048 3345 or 0330 1027528 quoting ‘AA Tesco’ to receive a discount.

What car wash facilities do you provide at Tesco Petrol Filling Stations?

This will be dependent on the station you are visiting, but we offer excellent choices; Tesco Hand Car Wash, Rollover Car Wash, IMO and jet wash. Further information about our forecourt services.

Can I earn Clubcard points at a Tesco Petrol Filling Station?

Yes, you can earn 1 point for every £2 spent on fuel within our Tesco Petrol Filling Stations and 1 point for every £1 spent in the kiosk on qualifying purchases other than fuel. Tesco Bank customers can also get more Clubcard points.

Which cards are accepted at the PayatPump?

We accept all UK registered chip and pin cards, apart from Visa Electron.

What fuel cards do you accept?

The following fuel cards are accepted in our kiosks:

  • UK Fuels
  • Keyfuels (purple card only)
  • fuelGenie
  • Allstar
Can I use the Pay+ app at Tesco Petrol Filling Stations?

You can use the Pay+ app in all Tesco Petrol Filling Stations nationwide. It is not currently available for use on PayatPump terminals, but we are working on this.

Is there a maximum spend amount at PayatPump?

Yes, there is a £99 maximum spend for our PayatPump facilities. There is no maximum spend for our kiosk.

Can I use money off coupons at PayatPump?

You are unable to use coupons at PayatPump – but you can use your coupons on other great items in our kiosk.

Do you have contactless at your Tesco Petrol Filling Stations?

Yes, we accept all contactless payment cards for payments up to £30, but not Apple Pay.

I’ve forgotten my purse/wallet and I can’t pay for my fuel. What do I do?

Please head into our kiosk to let a member of staff know, they will be able to assist you.