Tesco COVID-19 updates from 20/05/22

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COVID-19 test kits

We're now selling the Everything Genetic COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Rapid Test Kits in selected stores. These test kits have been approved in the UK under the UK Health Security Agency’s Medical Devices (Coronavirus Test Device Approvals) Regulations 2021 (CTDA) for continued sale and are CE marked.

The kits are suitable for self-testing and use if you're showing symptoms or not showing symptoms. Children under the age of 12 should be tested by an adult. Please note that these test kits are not suitable for travel testing.

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Helping you stay safe.

Shopping online

We continue to offer priority slots to customers who have requested help from us, as well as to customers in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man who were referred to us by the government. And if you’re vulnerable, disabled or elderly, you can also ask our drivers to carry your shopping into your home for you, as long as you aren’t self-isolating.

Getting your deliveries safely.

For those who are self-isolating

Our deliveries are continuing, and we’ll deliver to customers in self-isolation. You can let us know that you’re in self-isolation when you order (using the delivery notes box) or let the driver know at the door so that they can deliver safely.

We’ve now removed all tray liners and non-essential plastic bags from our online orders. So you may find it useful to have your own carrier bags or boxes ready at the door to make it easier to move your shopping from our trays into your home. For health and safety reasons, we’ll continue to use red plastic bags for meat and some household cleaning products.​

Our drivers have also been told how to check a customer’s age during these circumstances. For example, they may ask you to verify your age by showing them proof of identification, where possible, either from a distance or through a window/glass.

Drivers may have to remove any age-restricted products from your order and return them to store for a refund if they can’t verify your age or where local restrictions prevent the delivery of alcohol.

Supporting our customers.

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Changes to in-store shopping, and how we're supporting our customers

Health Charity Partners

Our unique partnership with Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, and Diabetes UK gives us the opportunity to make a real difference to the health of the nation, which has never been more important. During this extraordinary time, many of our colleagues and customers with high-risk health conditions need access to expert information and support. If you, your friends or family need help and advice about the impact of coronavirus when living with cancer, diabetes or a heart condition, you can find out more in the links below.

Support and advice.

We've been a long-term partner of the British Red Cross, providing ongoing practical support when local communities need it the most.

Most recently, we’ve helped fund a free and confidential coronavirus support line, set up by the British Red Cross. Call 0808 196 3651 to chat to a friendly British Red Cross volunteer. The lines are open daily from 10am to 6pm.

They can give you practical advice, emotional support and put you in touch with help in your local area. Find out more at redcross.org.uk

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Last updated: 20/05/22