Zoom/Thunderbirds/The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl (DVD Boxset)

Catalogue Number: 389-2307


DVD Boxset

Released: 25/02/08

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Contains the family adventure movies ZOOM - ACADEMY FOR SUPERHEROES, THUNDERBIRDS, and THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND LAVA GIRL.<BR>ZOOM - ACADEMY FOR SUPERHEROES sees aging former superhero Jack is reluctantly called back on the job. The government, alarmed at villain Concussion's approach from another dimension, wants to put together a team with Jack as their leader. The officials assemble a motley crew of youths that includes a six-year-old with superhuman strength, and an innocuous-looking chubby boy who can grow parts of his body at will.<BR>In THUNDERBIRDS, the Thunderbirds have only just returned home to their secret base when their space based station is attacked by a suspected meteor strike. This attack is only to get them off the island so that Aristotle Spode, an international master criminal, can take it over. What he doesn't realise is that Alan, Fermat and Tin Tin are still on the island.<BR>In THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND LAVA GIRL concerns a daydreaming youngster named Max whose fantasy stories about the titular superheroes the molten-hot Lava Girl, and a boy raised by sharks appropriately named Shark Boy inspire the ridicule of everyone from the local bullies to his own mum. Even Max's fourth grade teacher wants him to come down to earth, but then a tornado brings Shark Boy and Lava Girl into the school to whisk Max off to the planet Drool, where only his dreaming skills can save the day.

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