Wishlist Information


Wishlists are a great way to make sure that you receive the presents you really love and want. You can set up wishlists at anytime for any occasion and share them with your friends and family. They are also a great reminder of the things you want to buy yourself.

Tesco wishlists are really easy to set up, manage and share, you can choose from 1000s of products from our ever increasing range and you also collect Clubcard points on anything that is bought from any of your wishlists.

How to set up a wishlist?

  1. Find the product you want
  2. Add to your wishlist - click the "Add to wishlist" button (under "Add to basket" button)
  3. You will be taken to your wishlist page with your product automatically added
  4. Name your wishlist
  5. Add more products to your wishlist
  6. Share your wishlist with your family and friends

Why set up a wishlist?

  • - Get what you really want
  • - Get better gifts
  • - Avoid duplication
  • - It's easier for your friends and family to shop for you
  • - No embarrassing returns
  • - Save money
  • - Save time
  • - Collect Clubcard points on items bought from your wishlists

When to set up a wishlist?

You can create a list at anytime:

  • - For a special occasion: birthdays, Xmas, weddings, new home or just a "Treat me time" wishlist
  • - Create it as early as you can to allow your friends and family enough time to get your presents
  • - Remember to share your wishlists with your friends and family

What to put in your wishlist

Anything and everything:

  • - We suggest you set your wishlists by occasion or by theme
  • - Don't add the same products to more than one by list to avoid getting duplication
  • - If you want to collect a set e.g. six glasses or eight plates make sure you choose the right quantity
TESCO Wishlist
close Wishlist Clubcard information

Clubcard Points

- From 31st October 2012, you can collect additional Clubcard points every time when you share your wishlist on Facebook or through the Tesco direct website by email.

- If your friends then purchase an item through your shared wishlist, you will be awarded 1 Clubcard point for every pound they spend on that item.
So, for example, if your shared wishlist includes a toaster for £19.99 and a friend purchases that toaster through your shared wishlist, you'll get 19 Clubcard points.

- Additional points will only be collected on purchases made by your friends via the Tesco direct website referred by a shared wishlist (a 'qualifying order').

- Please note that you will not collect any promotional Clubcard points or special offers, or collect points for non-wishlist items included in a qualifying order.

- If you order from your own shared wishlist, you will collect Clubcard points (including any promotional Clubcard points or special offers) in the normal way. You will not collect any additional Clubcard points.

- We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.

- Clubcard points may be retracted in the event of any returned or cancelled orders, including part returns / cancellations.

- The allocation of Clubcard points to you requires the use of cookies to track transactions and allocate Clubcard points correctly. Please see our Privacy and Cookies Policy for information on how we protect your data.

- You must be a registered member of the Clubcard scheme to qualify for additional points - standard Clubcard terms and conditions apply. Minimum spend to qualify for Clubcard points is £1.