The Walking Dead - Series 2 - Complete (DVD Boxset)

Catalogue Number: 202-0137


DVD Boxset

Released: 27/08/12

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Fans of American drama television series The Walking Dead will be delighted with this second season containing 13 gripping episodes and even more compelling scenarios. Inspired by a series of graphic novels, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) stars as a sheriff’s deputy waking up from a coma into a world where zombies rule and his family have disappeared. Moving to a farm with his companions in order to survive, tensions and romance arise, unspoken secrets linger in the background and gunfights are around each corner. Masterful visuals, intense dialogue and, of course, plenty of gory ‘undead’ action leave viewers desperate for more, particularly in the engrossing finale. Get your copy of The Walking Dead Season 2 on DVD now and you can watch the plot unfold time and again.

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