The Dark Knight Rises - Batman (DVD)

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Released: 03/12/12

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In the Dark Knight Rises comic book DVD, it has been a number of years since Batman vanished into the night along with his tainted reputation. Having sacrificed everything for what he believed was the greater good, only to be blamed for the crimes of a mad man, Bruce Wane shuts himself up in Wayne manor and hangs up his cape. In his return to Gotham City, he struggles to gather the emotional energy to fight the forces of evil again and it’s only when the city is truly in danger from the likes of a masked terrorist – Bane – does Bruce emerge from exile to once again don his infamous badge. Bane’s ruthless plans prove a dangerous match for Batman, and their rivalry culminates in a fight that will decide the fate of the city. Pre-order the latest DVDs from Tesco.

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