Resident Evil Collection 1-4 (DVD Boxset)

Catalogue Number: 606-9727


DVD Boxset

Released: 10/01/11

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RESIDENT EVIL, when a research laboratory is invaded by a bio-engineered virus, a team of commandos, Alice and Rain, must put a stop to the spread of the deadly bug and battle flesh-eating un-dead and killer mutant dogs in this adaption of the hit video game series.
RESIDENT EVIL APOCALYPSE Alice, Milla Jovovich returns with a vengeance as amnesiac, genetically-altered zombie ass-kicker. As she narrowly escaped the horrors of the underground hive she finds herself quickly thrust back into a war raging about ground between the un-dead and living.
RESIDENT EVIL EXTINCTION this third chapter find Alice with survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe to travel across the Nevada desert and fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation.
RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE is back for the fourth instalment of the saga. Now, she'll be teaming up with fellow survivors to take the armies of the un-dead down to the Umbrella Corporation, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

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