Movies of Mass Destruction (DVD Boxset)

Catalogue Number: 751-1351


DVD Boxset

Released: 22/10/12

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This collection features four films that feature epic mass destruction. Includes; WORLD ON FIRE, WEATHER WARS, TORNADO WARNING AND QUANTUM APOCALYPSE. WORLD ON FIRE - Volcanologist Antoinette Vitrini (Rachel Hunter) attempts to reveal the plans on an illegal oil drilling project before it’s believed to set off an eruption of a volcano beneath Miami. Surrounded by the panic and chaos after a series of global volcanic eruptions, another scientist struggles to convince the population of this imminent threat. WEATHER WARS - A series of weather disasters, which have devastated Washington, seem never ending and two brthers - the sons of a scientist and meteorologist - set out to try and explain and stop the unexpected attacks. TORNADO WARNING - Alien's invade the Earth and are using electromagnetic tornados in order to cause mass destruction. A brilliant college student and his father must find a way to prevent the distaster in a race against time to save the human race. QUANTUM APOCALYPSE - A massive comet is on a collision course with planet Earth, and now the only thing standing between humanity and certain destruction is a small team of dedicated scientists with precious few resources, and little time to formulate a concrete defense strategy.

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