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Can I arrange an exchange for a seller item?
All exchange requests for seller items must be requested through the seller. ....Information for contacting sellers can be found on the Seller directory.........
Can I buy seller items & Tesco items at the same time?
Yes. You can have a mixed basket of seller & Tesco items.
Can I cancel an order bought from a seller?
If your order was bought recently from a seller then you will be able to cancel the order by contacting the seller directly. ........
Can I collect seller items from my local store?
Some seller bought items can be collected from store. ....If this is available then you will be able to choose this during the ordering process. The Confirmation Email will list the collection date for you order.........
Can I place orders for seller products over the phone?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer seller products over the phone at this stage. ....Seller products can only be purchased on the website. ........
Can I return items I have bought from a Seller at Tesco?
Yes, you can return items you have bought from a Seller at Tesco if you change your mind, or your product arrives damaged or is faulty.  You will need to contact the Seller directly to arrange a return and it will be subject to their return and refund policy.  Details of a Seller's return and refund policy can be found on their ........
Can I return seller items to store?
Unfortunately seller items can not be returned to store. ....The seller must arrange uplift of the item. ........
Can I track my order from the seller?
Unfortunately not all orders have tracking information available. ....If tracking information is available then it will be included with your confirmation email. ........
Do seller items use the same check out as Tesco items?
Yes. Seller items use the same check out process as Tesco direct items. ....Mixed baskets can be taken through the Tesco direct checkout as well.........
Do sellers provide VAT receipts with orders?
Please contact your seller for any queries regarding VAT receipts from seller orders. ....Details on the seller’s returns policies and contact details can be found on our seller directory. Simply find the seller you are after and select ‘........

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