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How does Clubcard Boost work on Tesco direct

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I spend my Clubcard vouchers on Tesco direct?

You will find your Clubcard vouchers already loaded into the checkout at Tesco direct,simply click on ‘Add Clubcard vouchers’, select the vouchers you wish to use and click ‘add’.

You can use your vouchers on all items sold by Tesco, but unfortunately not on products from our TescoPartners

If you place an order over the phone, or at a direct desk, one of our Customer ServiceTeam will ask you for the code from your Clubcard voucher, and the discount will then be applied to your order.

Please note, vouchers are only worth their face value, you can only use them once, andyou won’t be able to add them after you’ve placed your order.

How can I tell which products on Tesco direct are included?

Products included in the Clubcard Boost on Tesco direct have a Clubcard Boost logo displayed on the product image. A banner will also be displayed on the Product Details page, where an item is included.

What's in and what's out? For a full list of what's in and what's out click here

Are Tesco Partner products included in the Clubcard Boost?

Unfortunately products sold by Tesco Partners are not included in Clubcard Boost. To identify product sold by a Tesco Partners, lookout for the Tesco Partners logo on the Product Details page.

Can I purchase Boost items with non-Boost items in the same transaction?

Yes you can, just make sure your Boost items meet the minimum spend threshold of £10 to qualify to Boost.

Can I use my Boost vouchers as part payment for my Boost item?

Yes, you can, select and add the amount of vouchers you wish to use (minimum of£5) and these will automatically double up and be deducted from your total basket.

Can I Boost my vouchers and still use my money off eCoupon in the same transaction?

We have made life easier and you can now use your money off eCoupon in addition to your exchanged vouchers. Just add your eCoupon code at checkout when you Boost your Clubcard vouchers.

What if the Boost product I wish to purchase is less than £10?

Unfortunately you need to add minimum £10 of Clubcard Boost items to your basket to double up your vouchers. You can purchase multiple Boost items to meet the £10 minimum spend threshold.

Boost and delivery charges

Delivery charges are calculated on your order before any Boost discounts are applied. For example, if you order qualifies for free Click+Collect (over £30 or eligible products) but with Boost discounts applied is then under £30 and ordinarily subject to the £2 delivery charge, the order will be still eligible to free Click+Collect.

Clubcard Boost Ts and Cs

The Clubcard Boost at Tesco Terms and Conditions: Minimum £5 Clubcard vouchervalue applies – for more details see

Customers can take part in the Clubcard Boost at Tesco event at Tesco direct by selecting their Clubcard vouchers at the online checkout at,subject to availability. Between 00:01 16/05/2016 and 23:59 26/06/2016 when a customer selects to use £5.00 or more of their Clubcard vouchers as payment at the Tesco direct online checkout when purchasing products which are included in the Clubcard Boost at Tesco event, the value of the Clubcard voucher selected will double.

If your purchase exceeds the amount of the Clubcard voucher any change will be credited back to your Clubcard account in points and carried over to your next statement. More than one Clubcard voucher can be used in a single transaction. You must pay any remaining balance using a valid payment method. Clubcard vouchers will only Boost to double their value providing that the products selected are included in the Clubcard Boost at Tesco event and during stated time periods only.

On Tesco direct only products that are sold by Tesco and feature the Clubcard Boost logo next to the product are included in Clubcard Boost at Tesco event. Products which are featured as “Approved Partners” on Tesco direct are not included in the Clubcard Boost at Tesco event. Delivery charges may apply.

Items purchased with a Clubcard Boost at Tesco token can only be exchanged with a receipt, for goods that are also part of the event and to the same or a higher value; any remaining balance must be paid using a valid payment method. Any refunds given for purchases where Clubcard Boost was used on Tesco direct in original transaction will be given back at the equivalent value to the original Clubcard voucher before it was converted. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Tesco reserves the right to withdraw Clubcard Boost and Clubcard Boost at Tesco at any time. Clubcard Terms & Conditions apply. The Clubcard helpline is on 0800 591 688 (Free from BT landlines. Other providers may charge. Calls may be recorded).