If you share a double bed, each of you has a space less than 70cm wide in which to sleep - that's less than in a single bed . Upgrading to a king or super king size will give you extra space to stretch out in comfort, undisturbed by your partner.

If you choose a divan set (mattress and matching divan base) you'll get the benefit of handy storage drawers in the base.

Measuring up

Let's face it, there's not much point buying a luxury super king size bed with a comfy mattress, only to find it won't fit in your bedroom. That's why it's important to measure up first.

We supply all measurements on our website and in our catalogue so before ordering a mattress or bed please check the dimensions of internal and external access points including doors, corridors, stairs and corners.

  • Check all dimensions against your desired mattress to ensure access is possible.
  • If you're replacing existing furniture which was installed with no problems, you may consider opting for the same dimensions.
  • Make sure there is enough height and diagonal depth to accommodate your mattress' entry and that there's plenty of room to manoeuvre around corners.
  • Check that fixed obstacles such as radiators won't cause a problem. If entry is tight, call our customer services team who can discuss other possible routes.
  • Also make space within the room if you need to build anything.

The following table will give you an idea of different bed dimensions:

Bed Imperial size Metric size
Small single 2'6" x 6'3" 75 x 190cm
Single 3' x 6'3" 90 x 190cm
Small double 4' x 6'3" 120 x 190cm
Double 4'6" x 6'3" 135 x 190cm
King 5' x 6'6" 150 x 200cm
Super king 6' x 6'6" 180 x 200cm

Please note that metric and imperial dimensions are not exact equivalents.

Divans and bedsteads

When choosing your new bed, it's important to think about the style of furniture you want. We offer two basic furniture styles, divans and bedsteads.

A divan is unfussy and will suit most bedrooms; however, if you want something which will look really good and blend in with your existing furniture, you may be better off with a bedstead. These come in a variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern, and are made from either wood or metal.

We also sell a variety of bedroom furniture, which will look ideal alongside our bedsteads .

In addition, we offer a range of guest storage beds, a practical solution for an occasional guest bed that slides neatly underneath the main one.


A divans is simply a base for the mattress with either springs that flex around your body or a solid base for firmer support. Many divans also come with additional drawers, ideal where storage is limited. They also allow for an optional headboard if desired.

  • Types of base: choosing the right base for your mattress aids in the level of support you receive. It also helps to compliment the mattress you have chosen.
  • Platform top: this is a solid top frame which does not contain springs. A wooden frame is put together with an upholstered top. These are recommended to be used with orthopedic mattresses but will suit anyone looking for that firmer feel.
  • Sprung base: this type of base provides an additional layer of springs across the top. This compliments your mattress, helping to extend its life and providing a more luxurious feel.
  • Storage: some divan bases also come with 2 and 4 drawer options providing you with additional storage space in your room.
  • Headboard: to compliment your divan we have a vast selection of headboards to suit any look and feel. These range from upholstered damask through to bi-cast leather.


Bedsteads add more interest to a bedroom, as they come in a range of styles from traditional to contemporary.

If you're tall, consider a low end bedstead if you don't want a restricted bed length. Bases are either solid or sprung for more cushioned support.

A bedstead normally consists of a head and foot end. These typically give a firmer feel to a bed than a divan.

For a slightly more comfortable feel choose our bedsteads which have sprung slats rather than a solid base. We have a wide range from traditional classics through to contemporary designs.

Important care information


  • On delivery you may find that the mattress is shorter and narrower than the specified size, due to shrinkage during transportation. This is normal in a hand built bed. Over the first few weeks of use the mattress will assume its correct size.

Air your mattress

  • After its removal from the packaging, please leave your mattress uncovered in a well-ventilated room for a few hours to allow any condensation to escape.
  • Air your mattress regularly to allow any naturally absorbed perspiration to evaporate. You will also notice that your new bed has an aroma of 'newness', this is normal and will soon fade if aired regularly.

Use a suitable base

  • If you have purchased only a mattress, do not use it on a base for which it was not designed.
  • The life of a mattress can be severely shortened by use of an old or unsuitable base.

Protect your mattress

  • No mattress is completely colourfast.
  • We recommend that you use a suitable mattress cover to protect the mattress from body moisture or other liquids.
  • Never use your mattress without bed linen.

Getting used to your new bed

  • Chances are that the springs and upholstery in your old bed were not what they used to be, so your new bed may seem a little strange at first.
  • Please allow time for your body to adjust to your new bed and for the fillings to settle.


  • From the first time you use your new mattress, the area you sleep on will appear lower than the surrounding area. Please do not be concerned, this is known as settlement and is perfectly normal.
  • To ensure even settlement across the surface of the mattress we recommend that you turn and rotate your mattress regularly.

Do not fold or bend your mattress

  • When moving the mattress, please do not bend, roll or fold it, as this could distort the structure of the spring unit.

Do not misuse your mattress

  • The spring unit can be damaged if the mattress is subjected to excessive wear (e.g. jumping up and down on it) or repeated localized pressure (e.g. sitting on the edge of the mattress) so this should also be avoided.


  • We recommend that during the first six months of use, your mattress should be turned every two weeks and then monthly thereafter. You should alternate between turning the mattress over and rotating it from top-to-tail to ensure even settlement. Use the handles fitted to the mattress to position it on the base. Do not allow the mattress to bang or fall against the side of the base, as this may damage the spring system.

Storage of your mattress

  • If you have to store your mattress for any period of time please make sure it is stored flat and not on its side.
  • Incorrect storage will distort the spring unit and cause the fillings to move and settle unevenly.


  • Do not use detergent or chemical cleaners as many of these products may damage the fabric or stitching.
  • Vacuuming will lead to unnecessary disturbance of layer fillings and is not recommended.
  • Dust and fluff can be removed from your bed by using a soft brush every few months or when necessary. Stains and spillages should be soaked up with an absorbent, dry cloth.
  • Do not 'wet' the mattress to clean it as this could damage the upholstery.
  • Where a removable mattress cover is supplied it should be washed at 60C and is not suitable for dry cleaning.

Divan Drawers

  • The drawers in storage divans have been designed primarily to hold bed linen, clothing and lightweight items.
  • Please do not overload the drawers as excessive weight can cause them to become damaged or distorted, and overfilling them could cause the drawers to jam.
  • For your guidance the recommended drawer weights are labelled in the drawer.
  • Please ensure the weight in the drawer is evenly spread.

Adjustable beds

  • Never sit on the head or foot ends on the bed when it is in a raised position as this could cause the arms on the frame to bend.
  • Do not sit on the slatted base.
  • Keep legs screwed tightly into the base and check them regularly.

Carelessness causes fire

  • We strongly advise against smoking while in bed and that naked flames are kept away from the upholstery.