Bath towels buying guide

It’s a pleasure to wrap a warm, fluffy bath sheet around you when you emerge from the tub and a joy to arrange clean, bright linen on the towel rail as a colourful accessory to your bathroom. With so many colour ways, textures and patterns to choose from, it’s good to know the difference between the sizes and textures before you select your linen.

Quality is all important while buying towels. A good quality towel means having a soft, luxurious feel against the skin. Our range of towels comes in different counts and combine different types of cotton - all offer excellent value for money.

Towels in different sizes

To make our reversible dual functional towels, we have used zero twist yarn on one side which gives feather feel softness and two fold yarn on other side for classic rich hand feel so that the towel can be used as reversible with Dual Feel. This gives towel its uniqueness.

Our 100% combined reversible cotton towels are reversible dual functional towels with super soft hand feel at one side and classic hotel touch on other and comes in four standard UK sizes. A simple hand towel just right for the basin side measures 50cm by 90cm (20in x 36in)

A bath towel measures 70cm x 127 cm (27.5in x 48in). The largest towel size in this range is the bath sheet, which measures 100cm x 150cm (39in x 72in).

Finest towels

Our Finest range towels are low twist Pima of 600gsm, 100% cotton. PIMA cotton is known for its luxurious feel, sheen and premium quality. The towels have luxurious feel and plump which lasts after wash as well. Our Finest Pima towels come in five stylish colours.

The range is available in the following sizes: 50cm x 100cm (20in x 39in) for the hand towel; 70cm x 130cm (27.5in x 51in) for the bath towel and 100cm x 150cm (39in x 72in) for the bath sheet.

Caring for your towels

Like all new towels your Tesco towels will be more absorbent after you’ve washed them according to the instructions on the label. Dry cleaning is not recommended for towels. Be sparing with fabric conditioner when you wash towels. It may make them feel soft, but it leaves a slight coating on the fibres, which makes them less absorbent.

It’s important to keep towels away from bleach and bathroom cleaners, as the strong chemicals in these may permanently fade their colour. Even facial cleansers and other skin treatments can have a bleaching effect on towels. This is because some skin cleansers contain benzoyl peroxide, which has the same effect as bleach. Always rinse your skin thoroughly with pure water after using these products. Bear in mind that colour damage to towels often becomes apparent only after you’ve put them through the wash.

It’s all too easy to pull threads out of the looped cotton in a towel, when you catch them on a sharp object. If this happens to one of your towels, cut out pulled loops with sharp scissors, because this will help stop them looking scruffy.

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