Blood Diamond (DVD)

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Released: 18/06/07

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Set In Sierra Leone, Blood Diamond Explores The Role Of Diamond Trading In The African Civil War Of The Late 1990S. Narrowly Escaping Death When His Village Is Invaded By Revolutionary United Front (Ruf) Militia, Fisherman Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) Is Enslaved At A Diamond Mine And Has His Family Taken Away From Him. When He Discovers An Unusually Large Stone He Buries It, Knowing It Might Be His Only Means Of Retrieving His Family. While Vandy Is Imprisoned, White African Diamond Smuggler Danny Archer (Leonardo Dicaprio) Overhears An Angry Ruf Leader Shouting At The Farmer About The Missing Diamond. Seizing The Opportunity, He Gets Vandy Out Of Jail, Then Offers To Help Find His Family In Return For Half The Stone’S Worth. United By A Common Goal, The Two Men Clash Over Drastically Different Values, But Manage To Stick Together In Pursuit Of The Prize. Meanwhile, Archer Crosses Paths With Intrepid American Journalist Maddie Bowen (Jennifer Connolly), Whose Obsession With Uncovering The Truth About Conflict Diamonds Lands Her In The Middle Of The Bloody Action. As The Three Embark On A Dangerous Journey Filled With Close Calls, Unlikely Bonds Form That Threaten To Change Archer’S Unfeeling Ways. Meanwhile, A Subplot Involving Vandy’S Beloved Son Shows Us The Horror Being Done To And By Child Soldiers At The Hands Of The So-Called Freedom-Fighting Rebel Forces. Addressing A Serious Subject With Passion And Skill, Director Edward Zwick (The Last Samurai) Delivers Impressive Action Sequences That Feel Horrifically Real Without Seeming Excessive. While Some Critics Have Lambasted The Film For Its Hollywood Elements, No One Can Argue Against Blood Diamond'S Noble Intentions Or Its Stellar Performances. To Most Viewers, The Film Is Likely To Provide A Disturbing And Educational Insight Into A World Many Know Little About.

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