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Do Tesco deliver in my area?

Our grocery delivery service covers most UK residential addresses. To check whether we deliver in your area, please register and then visit the grocery homepage. In the event that we are unable to deliver to your address, a message will be shown to explain why.

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What hours do you deliver?

At a time that suits you - and there are plenty of times to choose from!

You can usually have your shopping delivered between 9am to 11pm Monday to Friday, 9am and 8pm on Saturday and between 10am and 3pm on Sunday.

Exact delivery times will be displayed when you book a delivery slot.

You can book an available delivery slot before you begin to place your order - this slot will be held for you for two hours while you shop with the option to extend this.

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What do you charge for the service?

Our service charge varies depending on the delivery slot you choose, exact charges will be displayed when you book a delivery slot

Why do we have a service charge?

Once you've placed your grocery order online there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get your shopping to you. We have a team of people who work to make this service possible, our personal shoppers who hand pick every item according to your instructions, our packers who carefully pack your products and our drivers who drive the groceries to your house and deliver direct to your door (even your fridge door if you like). And in order to make sure that we deliver your chosen produce to you in the best condition, we have temperature controlled storage both in the store and the vans. All of these elements and more make up our service charge.

We are also committed to the environment and an additional benefit of this is that through encouraging customers to book slots where we have spare capacity, we can deliver orders using fewer vans, thereby reducing vehicle emissions.

If you have any further questions that you would like to ask, you can call customer services on 0800 323 4040*, who should be able to help you.

*7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 6pm on Sunday. Free from BT landlines. Calls may be recorded.

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What is the minimum basket charge?

The minimum basket charge is a £4 charge that's added to all online orders where the basket value* is under £40. It only applies if your basket total is under £40 when you complete your online checkout. If you come back to amend your order, the minimum basket charge will only remain / be added if your basket is still under, or has fallen under £40 when you re-submit your order.

If your basket is under £40 when you checkout, the minimum basket charge applies whether you're shopping on desktop, mobile, or tablets and whether your shopping is being delivered to your home (whichever delivery slot you've selected), a store or another location.

Don't worry though, if Tesco make substitutions, or you refund a product(s) and your order total then drops under £40, you won't be charged. Equally, if your whole order is refunded for any reason, the minimum basket charge will be refunded at the same time.

To avoid the minimum basket charge, just make sure your basket total is £40 or more when you complete your checkout.

You will earn Clubcard points on the minimum basket charge. When you checkout, if you've incurred the charge, your additional points will be added there and then

* consisting of the items in the basket, including promotions, but excluding coupons, vouchers, discounts and service charges

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How do you deliver?

Our experienced drivers will deliver your order using our specially fitted vans, ensuring your goods are kept at the correct temperature during transit.

The driver will bring the shopping to your door, where you will be asked to sign a delivery note. If you would like them to they will then take your shopping into the kitchen

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Who can sign for a delivery?

Anyone in the household over the age of 18 may sign for deliveries from Tesco.com.

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Can I change my delivery time?

Yes you can, before 11:45pm on the night before your delivery date. Selected stores can also support customer amends up until 12.45pm for delivery after 6pm on the same day - please check your order confirmation email for details. Dependent on availability.

There are lots of ways to change your delivery slot:

Whilst you are shopping:

You can change the slot you have booked whilst you are shopping by clicking on the 'change your delivery slot' link in your shopping basket on the right hand side of the page.

After you have checked out:

Click on the 'My Account' link at the top of the page, and then click on 'Orders due for delivery' to see a list of all your orders in progress. Just click on the 'Make a change to this order' button for the relevant order. Click on the 'change delivery slot' link and select the delivery slot you would like, click 'update order and checkout' to confirm your selection.

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What happens if I am not in?

The driver will leave a card stating the date and time they called.

Please contact the number on the card to arrange a second delivery, which will be subject to a second delivery charge.

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What is your returns policy?

If you are in any way dissatisfied with any of the goods that have been delivered, including unwanted substitutions, the driver will return those goods to the store and arrange for a refund to your payment card.

If you discover a problem after the driver has left you can contact Customer Services on 0800 323 4040 between 7am and 11pm Monday to Saturday and 10am and 6pm on Sunday.

Alternatively you can complete our product query form where you can detail any issues with products you have received.

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What if my delivery is late?

We try our very best to inform our customers of any potential delay as soon as possible. However, occasionally delays can occur which are often beyond our control.

You should receive a text message to inform you about the late delivery. If for any reason you don't receive a text message, please contact Customer Services on 0800 323 4040.

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My grocery order has items missing

We are sorry if there are missing items from your grocery order.

Please fill in our items missing form using the notes section to detail the problems or queries you have with products you have received.

Please call our Customer Helpline on 0800 323 4040 if your query relates to more than 5 products.

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I have unwanted / damaged items

Your driver should announce all substitutions and out of stock items.

If you receive a substituted item that you do not want to keep, you can return it to the driver and they will make arrangements to refund your payment card for the unwanted item.

If you receive any damaged items, please fill in our queries form using the notes section to provide as much detail as possible about the products you have received.

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I haven't received my discounts

We are sorry that you have not received your discounts. Please fill in our Contact Us form providing us with you order number and information about the discounts you expected to receive so that we can investigate this problem on your behalf.

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How do I check my delivery time?

Click on the 'My Account' link at the top of the page. Click on the link named ' Orders due for delivery '. This will display the order history for your grocery account.

On this page you can view orders that you are currently shopping, orders you have checked out and are awaiting delivery and the time they are due to be delivered.

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Help for blocked addresses?

We try our best to be able to deliver to every address in the UK, but unfortunately there are some addresses which we are unable to deliver to. In this case we ask that you choose another address for delivery.

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How would you like your shopping packed?

At Tesco we are committed to reducing the number of carrier bags we use. This is why we are offering to deliver your groceries without plastic carrier bags.

It is important to think carefully before selecting to have your delivery without bags, particularly in the following situations:

You prefer the driver not to come into your home and therefore normally have your shopping unloaded at the doorstep. You live in a property that is difficult for your driver to access with green trays.

Please note, if you select delivery with bags, you will see a 40p charge as we are required by law to charge for single use carrier bags. Brown produce paper bags are exempt from the charge.

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How do I order a delivery without shopping bags?

When you book your delivery slot you will be asked to select how you would like your shopping packed. Please select with or without carrier bags.

The bagging preference you select will be saved for both delivery and collection future orders, however, you can change your preference at any time.

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What happens when I choose to have a delivery without bags?

We will place your shopping directly in to the tray and then unload it for you either at your door or on to your kitchen table / surfaces. As this will take us longer, we would really appreciate any help you can offer to our drivers.

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What is the purpose of offering this?

Tesco.com are committed to reducing the number of plastic bags that we use to deliver our customers' shopping. We are also committed to following the guidance of "reduce, re-use, recycle". By delivering to you without any carrier bags we are avoiding creating any form of waste.

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How can I be sure that the green trays you deliver in are hygienic?

Our Personal Shoppers have been given strict guidelines about Health and Safety and not using green trays that are really dirty or stained. Furthermore, your products that do not have their own packaging such as loose fruit and vegetables will still be placed in one of the thin pinch and pull plastic bags.

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What about products like bleach and cleaning liquid? If these split won't they ruin my entire shopping?

To comply to legislations, bleach will be packed in a separate bag in England only when a bagless delivery is selected.

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What about separating cooked / raw meat and other products that should not be cross contaminated?

Where these products may be placed together in to one tray we have instructed Personal Shoppers to continue placing one of them in to a bag before being placed in the green tray.

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Will the Customer Delivery Assistant put my shopping away for me?

Unfortunately, owing to time constraints, your Customer Delivery Assistant will not be able to put your shopping away for you. However, your Customer Delivery Assistant will ask you where you would like your shopping to be unloaded. As this takes longer, we would really appreciate any help you can offer to our drivers unloading.

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Can the Customer Delivery Assistant just leave the trays with me and pick them up during my next delivery?

Unfortunately, owing to space limitations in the store, we are unable to store enough green trays to provide cover for leaving trays with customers. Therefore, your Customer Delivery Assistant will be required to take back the green trays immediately after delivery.

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Will this mean that the Customer Delivery Assistant will have to come in to my home?

No. Your Customer Delivery Assistant will unload your shopping on to your doorstep if that is what you would prefer. However, as this takes longer, we would really appreciate any help you can offer to our drivers unloading.

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Does this mean it will take longer to unload my shopping at the door?

It may take a little longer for the driver at the door and so any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. However, without bags, it is much easier to identify your substitutions and will save you time putting your shopping away after the driver has gone.

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What happens if it rains? Won't my shopping get wet?

We have provided your Customer Delivery Assistants with tray covers to avoid your shopping getting wet when it is raining.

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What happens if I don't like having my delivery without bags?

You will be offered the option to change your delivery preferences each time that you checkout. The preference you selected on your last shop will remembered on the checkout for the next time that you shop, so it's important to change it if you wish to.

Please note, if you select delivery with bags, you will see a 40p charge as we are required by law to charge for single use carrier bags. Brown produce paper bags are exempt from the charge.

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If I order a large quantity of an item such as carrots, will this count as 24 items?

No. Loose items such as fruit and vegetables, where you enter a quantity required, will be counted as one item regardless of how many you order.

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What is Same Day Collection?

For Same Day Collection orders you can place a new order or amend an existing order until 1:00pm for collection from 4:00pm* (subject to availability). Please note, Same Day Collection orders placed before 8:45am will not have the option to amend substitutions preference, bagging preference or any picker notes from 8:30am to 1:00pm on the day of Collection. If any new items are added to the basket between 8:30am and 1:00pm your default substitutions and bagging preferences will be selected. To find your default preferences, please see my account.

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Further questions about my delivery

Click here to contact us for more information

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Why am I being charged for bags?

We are required by law to charge for single use carrier bags issued to customers with a delivery or collection postcode within England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. There is a charge of 40p per order, which is worked out based on the average number of bags needed to pack an order. You'll see the charge itemised on your delivery receipt as 'Bag charge'. From Monday 5th October 2015 all proceeds in England, Wales & Scotland will be paid to good causes locally and nationally. In Northern Ireland, all proceeds must be paid to the Department of Environment Northern Ireland (DOENI).

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What is a single use carrier bag?

Single use carrier bags are given out to help you take your shopping away. They are not made to be reused. Single use carrier bags can be made from plastic, paper or natural materials.

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How can I avoid being charged?

You can avoid being charged by choosing the bagless option when placing your order. To select a bagless delivery or collection please go to www.tesco.com/groceries/deliveryoption and amend your packing instructions as you go through the checkout. The bagging preference you select will be saved for both delivery and collection future orders, however, you can change your preference at any time. Pre-packed raw meats will still be placed into a small bag before being placed in the green tray. You won't be charged for these bags.

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Will I still be charged for bags when I use the Click+Collect Groceries service?

Click+Collect customers will be charged unless the bagless collection is selected at checkout. You will no longer be able to pick up bags at the Click+Collect collection point.

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