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Compassionate Mum of the Year, Grace Idowu

Grace Idowu’s 14-year-old son, David, became the youngest stabbing victim to die
in the capital two years ago.

David was sadly murdered in a senseless attack in a London park across the street from his house in Southwark, because he was wrongly suspected of fighting boys from a rival school. Ironically David, who always found time to help his elderly neighbours, had been due to give a talk against gang and knife culture at his school just
before he died.

Despite her heartbreak, Grace, who is mum to three other boys, has found it in her heart to forgive David’s killers. Determined to prevent further deaths, Grace, 50, from Southwark in London, has been a tireless crusader against knife crime, petitioning Downing Street for changes in the law to see tougher penalties. Along with other families who have been victims of knife crime, she has also formed a support group, Families United. The local Southwark community has become stronger since the tragedy with the neighbourhood looking into creating a youth centre and a memorial to David. Grace is involved, too, with local charity InSpire, co-ordinators of the Action SE17 campaign aimed at discouraging gang culture.

Grace, who was nominated by her colleagues at the Tesco Surrey Quays store, says, ‘After David’s death I felt there was work for me. Now I go into schools

Grace idowu

and speak to children, telling them how David’s life was snatched from us. These kids don’t realise what can happen as a result of knife crime – it’s a life sentence they will carry with them forever. If there’s anything I can do to save other families from going through the pain we faced, then it’s what I have to do.’

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