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The Big Brother star talks about love, friendship… and the importance of snogging

Friendships are incredibly important to me. I like all kinds of people and I'm very loyal, which I hope means my friends know they can count on me. I can't be friends with someone unless I trust them completely, but I do like a naughty streak – especially in people who are normally solid and reliable but sometimes let their hair down and go a bit crazy. I'm a big cheerer-upper and cheerleader. I see my role as helping my friends to have fun...

My best friend is Sarah. We met when we were 20, before I was well known. We've been on such a journey together, through our wild times and dating years, and now we're godmothers to each other's children. She's seen me at my best and my worst, and she loves and accepts me for everything. We've had rows, but we always come back together. It's like a marriage.

At home my husband, Matthew, is the boss. I have single girlfriends who are gorgeous, but they're so strong and independent that there's no room for a man to feel he can make a difference to their life.

I'm rather old fashioned about relationships. It's partly the Mediterranean in me (Davina's mother was French) and partly being brought up by my grandmother.

[Full interview with Davina on friends, family and colleagues – where a few of them talk back – was published in the September–October 2010 issue of Tesco magazine]

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My relationship with my mother wasn't always great but I've come to appreciate the good things about her. She wasn't always able to be the best mum because of her alcohol issues, but she had some great qualities as a woman. She was very beautiful, very free spirited and she had a spontaneous side that I hope I've inherited. I did a somersault in the playground the other day, which made my children laugh their heads off, and I thought 'that's just the kind of thing mum would have done'.

My children are everything to me. They bring out a fierce protective love I've never experienced before. I love being with them, and even though I'm lucky to have such a fantastic job, I do get working-mother guilt and wonder if I should give it all up, simplify my life and just be their mum. I would never be bored. I'd just throw myself into family life the way I throw myself into everything – I'd be on every school committee going.

I'm passionate about my marriage. I know how attractive Matthew is, and if I know he's going to have an appointment with a beautiful woman I'll often give him the snog of his life as he's walking out the door. I want that to be on his mind when he's sitting next to the sex bomb. It's like me spraying my territory!

If I had terrible news the first person I'd probably call would be my best friend Sarah. If something incredible happened, the first person I'd call would be Matthew.

It's important to me to follow my own moral code. I love my husband to bits, but if it ever happened that I fell in love with someone else, I hope that I would have the courage and decency to end my marriage straight away. It's bad enough that the other person has to be hurt, but an affair is the most cowardly kind of betrayal.

I've had to make an effort to find new friends since we moved to the country 18 months ago, and start from zero getting to know new people. I'm quite sociable, but you can't just barge your way into other people's lives. Having children really helps because you naturally meet the other mums at the school gates, and that shared experience is very bonding. It gives you a good excuse to talk to people you like the look of – or at least, that's what I've done!

Relationships are the most important thing in my life

Davina McCall Davina McCall

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