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David McCreadie, Commercial Director for Tesco Bank, answers questions about Tesco Clubcard Credit Card and explains how you can earn even more points
Typical 16·9% APR (variable)

QI can use my current credit cards pretty much everywhere. How widely accepted is the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card? Would it be worthwhile using it when I go on my next overseas trip? David Boyle, Belfast

AThe Clubcard Credit Card is accepted at 28 million places worldwide. So it can be used overseas when you're on a family holiday or travelling for work, saving you from having to carry lots of cash and visiting foreign exchange counters.

QI always pay for my groceries at Tesco with my credit card, which isn't a Tesco credit card, collecting points on my Clubcard every time I shop. Why swap to a Tesco Clubcard Credit Card instead? Chris Newbrook, Kent

AOne of the many benefits of having a Tesco Clubcard Credit Card is that it allows you to collect even more Clubcard points, whatever you buy wherever you buy it. This means you have more vouchers to turn into Clubcard rewards to spend on everything, from Airmiles to great family days out. For every £4 that you spend in a Tesco store, you get one extra point, plus your standard Clubcard points. When you use your Clubcard Credit Card outside Tesco you also earn one point for every £4 you spend.


QEarning extra Clubcard points sounds very good, but we can't afford to pay lots of interest right now. What's the deal? Jennifer Heggie, Kettering

AWhatever you buy with your Clubcard Credit Card, new customers pay no interest for up to 13 months on purchases from the time you open your account. Set up a direct debit that pays the full amount owing on the card each month and you'll not only clear the balance on the card, but also continue to benefit from paying no interest on purchases. There's also 0% interest on balance transfers (2·9% fee*) for nine months from the time you open your account

QCan you tell me about security? I've had some problems in the past, so I definitely need to know that I can get in touch with someone outside office hours if necessary. Katherine Knight, Ealing

AYou can rest assured — there's a built-in FraudSafe protection system to help prevent credit card fraud, and a dedicated UK Customer Services Team available 24 hours a day.

Credit facilities are available to UK residents and over-18s only, subject to status. Must have available credit. 1 point awarded per £4 spent (£4 min). *2·9% fee on balance transfers made during the first nine months from account opening. You can transfer up to 95% of your credit limit. The Clubcard Credit Card is provided by Tesco Personal Finance plc. Registered office: Interpoint Building, 22 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh EH12 5BH. The Clubcard scheme is administered by Tesco Stores. Tesco Stores are responsible for fulfilling points.

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