Health update September - October

Flu protection

Even though flu has been hitting the headlines, still too few of us are getting a flu jab. From October, vaccinations* are available at selected Tesco Pharmacy stores in England and Wales. You can make an appointment to have one, or receive one straight away after filling in a short questionnaire. You must be over 18, not pregnant or breast-feeding, and be in good health. It takes about 15 minutes, during which the pharmacist will explain the process and answer any queries, and costs just £10. Remember if you are over 65 or suffer from a chronic condition, such as respiratory or heart disease, diabetes or asthma, you are eligible to receive a free vaccine from the NHS via your local GP practice, which should be writing to you shortly.

To find your nearest participating Tesco Pharmacy call 0800 505555 or visit

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Taking precautions

The flu virus is spread by touching infected surfaces, or someone coughing or sneezing within a very close range. To reduce your risk of catching it:

  • always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
  • dispose of dirty tissues promptly.
  • wash hands frequently with soap and warm water.
  • clean hard surfaces such as door handles frequently and thoroughly with disinfectant.
  • make sure you have adequate quantities of cold and cough remedies** and Vitamin C** in your medicine cupboard just in case.

Tesco Max strength Cold & flu capsules, £1·43/16 capsules; Vicks First Defence nasal spray, £5·84/15ml; Tesco Vitamin C tablets 1000mg, 98p/pack 20

* For seasonal flu jabs only, while stocks last, and not H1N1 swine flu
** Always read the label and check medicines are suitable for children

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Walk to school

Follow the bear

Research* has shown that 41 per cent of children over seven don't walk to school. This means they're missing out on fresh air, exercise and learning road safety awareness. October is Walk to School month so it's a great chance to teach your children the good old Green Cross Code. For more details see

*Survey of 1,795 parents by Raisingkids, sponsored by Pom-Bear in July 2008

See the light

Our eyesight tends to become less adaptable in our forties. This can be more noticeable in the autumn, when there's less sunlight around. Anyone who might be concerned about their eyesight can have their eyes tested at Tesco Opticians. Look out for special offers on frames worth over £75, including designer frames or prescription sunglasses. To book an appointment at your local Tesco Opticians, call
0845 601 3479.

Pearls of wisdom

Finding a local NHS dentist can be difficult. And research by Tesco Dental Insurance** shows that rising dental costs are putting many of us off going for regular checkups.


Women it seems are the worst offenders. One third of British women claim to have spent nothing on dental treatment over the past year, compared to 27 per cent of men.

Making sure you get the right treatment is important for overall as well as oral health. One way to help manage the cost of bills is by taking out dental insurance. Premiums for Tesco Dental Insurance start from just £9·95 a month.

For more details call 0800 678 1790 or visit

**Survey of 1,000 people in the UK in conjunction with British Dental Health Foundation in June 2009

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