Green update September - October

Cut your CO2

Did you know that the average home emits twice as much carbon dioxide in a year as the average car? Reducing our wastage and running a more energy-efficient home could save the average household up to £300 a year. The Energy Saving Trust's national campaign, Energy Saving Week 19-25 October, encourages us to think about how we can fight climate change and save money. And to help us all, here are 10 energy-saving tips for the home and for when you're on the move...


Insulate your loft and cavity walls. It can save you up to £365 a year. For more information and a free insulation assessment of your home you can visit


Buy A+ rated appliances for top energy efficiency.


Turn your heating down by one degree.


Switch to energy-saving lightbulbs – Tesco has a wide range available.


Wash your clothes at 30°C or lower.


Shower rather than bath.


Hang clothes out to dry instead of tumble-drying.


Check tyre pressure is right so that less fuel is used.


De-clutter your car boot as less weight will burn less fuel.

Save energy

Energy saving gadgets

The Desktop IntelliPanel (pictured below) remembers to turn off your desktop computer, scanner and printer when you don't, £29·33, CAT 202-5873. There are also versions for your laptop, £29·33, CAT 204-1715 and for your TV, £29·33,CAT 202-6945, in the range.

Desktop IntelliPanel


Turn off appliances and lights when you're not using them. And also remember that leaving devices on standby costs you money.

Calculate your carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide you create), then get a plan that will help you reduce it at

For more information and tips on being green visit

More rewards

Tesco Clubcard

Did you know you don't have to throw old inkjet cartridges in the bin as they can be recycled? Dominique Todd, green and environment expert for Tesco, says, ‘Tesco offers a recycling service, and for selected cartridges, you'll earn 100 Green Clubcard points. You can also recycle your old mobile phone and receive 200 Green Clubcard points for every working phone you send in.' Visit for more details.

Bag it up

The Green Sack is thin and light yet really strong. It's made using farm waste material that might otherwise end up in landfill. And as it's made in the UK, this helps to reduce transport related emissions too. Tesco tie-top, Green Sack refuse sacks are in store now in a range of rolls and sizes to suit a variety of uses.

The Green Sack

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