Eco easy

Ways to make a difference and save money too

Paper (re)works

Recycled paper products not only have great green credentials but also make good use of one of the most common waste products. Inexpensive yet stylish, recycled stationery is just the job for back-to-school kids or youngsters soon off to college.

Left to right A4 floral ringbinder, £2; B5 floral ringbound notebook, £3·50; A4 floral document wallet, £1·50; floral reporter's notebook, £2

Recycled paper products

Storing the smart way

Make recycling easy for you and your family with these great storage ideas for separating bottles, cans, newspapers and even food waste. For more details and how to buy go to

Stainless steel dustbin

Two-section stainless steel dustbin, £30

Storage crates

Three pack, stackable, lidded storage crates, £20

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