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Scan as you shop

Find your nearest Scan as You Shop store

What is Scan as you Shop?

It's a quick and simple way for Clubcard members to shop.

You scan your shopping as you go, then pack it straight into your bags. Your scanner will even track your spend as you shop.

When you're done, there's no need to unpack it. Just go to the Scan as you Shop payment area, scan the barcode at the top of the till, pay and off you go.

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How does Scan as you Shop work?

Swipe your Clubcard at the scanner wall to release your handset. From then, it's a simple 3-step process:

Step 1 – Scan and save time

Use your handset to scan each product's barcode as you go. As well as tracking your purchases, you can keep an eye on your spending.

Step 2 – Pack as you shop

By packing your shopping directly into your own bags, there's no need to unload it all again at the checkout.

Step 3 – Pay and go

Head straight to the Scan as you Shop payment area. Scan the barcode at the top of the till. Pay. Go.

Already a Clubcard member?

You'll need to register your Clubcard and postcode details in-store before you use Scan as you Shop for the first time.

Don't have a Clubcard?

Become a member today. It's free to join.

How to use the handset

  1. Yellow button

    This is your scanning button. Point the handset at the item's barcode and press the button. Once you hear the beep, you can go ahead and pack your item.

  2. Arrow keys

    These up and down arrow keys let you scroll through all the items you've already scanned.

  3. Remove button

    If you change your mind about buying something, just press this button, re-scan the item and pop it back on the shelf.

  4. Spending total

    This gives you a spending total of everything you've scanned so far, including how much you've saved with promotions.

Scan as you Shop FAQs

Do I need to scan every item?

Yes, unless they're fresh fruit and veg that you've weighed in store. In which case, the barcode on the sticker printout will apply to the whole bag. Don't worry, you don't need to scan every banana in a bunch. Everything else, including 'Buy one, get one free' items and multibuys, needs to be scanned individually to make sure discounts are applied and you pay the right price.

How do I scan products that don't have barcodes?

There are a few items – like fruit, veg and loose bakery items – that aren't individually barcoded. With loose bakery and individual produce items, you'll find a small, red label and barcode on the shelf edge which you can scan as many times as needed. For fruit, veg and any other items that you need to weigh, you can scan the barcode on the sticker printout. This will cover all the items in the bag.

What do I do if the product doesn't scan?

If any item doesn't scan, just put it to one side in your trolley or basket. Then, at the Scan as you Shop area, mention it to one of our Customer Assistants and they'll scan it for you.

What do I do with products that have security tags?

Treat them the same as your other shopping but, once you've scanned them, put them to one side in your trolley or basket. When you've finished shopping, ask one of our Customer Assistants at the Scan as you Shop payment area to remove the tags for you.

What is a service check?

From time to time, the Scan as you Shop system will prompt us to check a few products at random in a customer's trolley. This is to make sure everything's working as it should be and that you're being charged the right amount. Occasionally, if we suspect there's a problem, we may need to rescan all of your shopping. Don't worry. If this happens to you, one of our Customer Assistants will be on hand to help.

How often will I get service checked?

We'll service check you the first time you use Scan as you Shop, just to find out how you got on and answer any questions you might have. After that, service checks are occasional.

Can I use any till to pay?

In the majority of Scan as you Shop stores, the payment area is available for you to use with Scan as you Shop. In some stores, you can pay at a normal checkout. Ask a Customer Assistant in store to find out what options are available for you.

When can I use Scan as you Shop?

You can use Scan as you Shop up to 7 days a week, depending on the opening hours of your chosen store. The Tesco store locator will give you specific opening times by location.