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Beer & Cider buying guide

If you've got a pint glass to hand, we've got the beer, cider, lager or ale to fill it.Let us help you pick from brewed-in-Britain to exotic imports.


Lagers are clean, crisp and light in flavour, with a malty breadiness and pale golden colour. Like all beers, lagers have a wide flavour range — sample a few and taste for yourself.

  • Taste: Mild & biscuity
  • Colour: Light gold/straw
  • Balance: Dry & crisp
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Traditionally pressed from fermented apples, cider can be dry or sweet, cloudy or clear and still or sparkling. Often served over ice, new, fruity varieties like pear and berry are now yours to sip.

  • Taste: Apple, berries & honey
  • Colour: Light yellow/mid amber
  • Balance:Sweet & crisp
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Ale is a catch-all term for a variety of beers, which range from light and refreshing to full-bodied and rich. Ales are as diverse as the people who drink them.

  • Taste: Caramel & fruit
  • Colour: Deep gold/mahogany
  • Balance: Smooth & bitter
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IPA (Indian Pale Ale)

Shipped around the world by 19th century merchants, India Pale Ale is set apart from other ales by higher hops levels. IPAs have a unique bitterness and are often the showpiece of craft breweries.

  • Taste: Hoppy & malted
  • Colour: Deep gold/pale amber
  • Balance: Aromatic & bitter
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Originating in 1700s London, these smooth, dark beers are brewed from roasted grains. The roasting provides the deep colour and leaves the distinctive nutty, chocolatey flavour beloved of stout fans.

  • Taste: Coffee & chocolate
  • Colour: Dark brown/black
  • Balance: Rich & roasted
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Generally associated with Belgium and Germany, the brewing process for these beers uses wheat alongside barley. Wheat beers tend to have a sweeter, creamy taste and can be either clear or cloudy.

  • Taste: Banana, cloves & citrus
  • Colour: Pale gold/amber
  • Balance: Fruity & spicy
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Food Pairing

Paring the right beer with the right dish can take a meal (or even a snack) from "just all right" to "amazing." Whether you want a nibble or a full meal, ready-made or from scratch, we can help you match food and drink you won't forget.

Steak & red meets

Steak & red meats

With its strong, rich flavours why not fight fire with fire? Look for beers with strong fruity flavours and robust bitterness to stand up to the intense flavours of the meat

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Poultry & white meats

Poultry & white meats

Pork and cider are age old friends, but chicken and lager aren't far behind. To really impress, pair a robust, rich ale with white meat and any creamy sauce. You won't regret it.

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Offset delicate seafood with the fruity, spicy notes of a wheat beer or a crisp, refreshing pale lager. Thirst quenching and packed with flavour, it's not a pairing to miss.

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Steak & red meets

Pasta & Grains

With pasta, it's all about the sauces. Cut through chili's heat with a cooling IPA, offset garlic's punch with a pale lager or sweeten a creamy number with a stout or golden ale

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Poultry & white meats


Whether it's a salad with a light and zesty lager or earthy potatoes with a warming ale, vegetables and beer go together like peas and carrots.

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Offset spicy food with a nice amber ale, if you like things extra spicy try a pale ale or IPA

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Beer from the US tends to favour hoppy notes with more bitter flavours than in Britain.

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Once famous for warm, bitter brown ale, the UK has increasingly been experimenting with craft beers over the last 50 years.

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Corona is perhaps the best-known Mexican beer, and it's this light, citrus flavour which is the country's most popular style.

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Most of us think of wheat beers when it comes to Belgium but it is home to a variety of beers, from Abbey ale to strong, dark brews.

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With more styles of beer than any other country, German beer is a great place to find the style to suit you

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Famous for its cool, crisp lagers, Australian brewers are bucking the trends and producing great stouts and dark ales.

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With some of the biggest names in beer, France has a huge range to explore

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Introduced to European beer in the 18th century, India now produces world famous lager & ale

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