More than a bunch of flowers

Whoever cheers up your day, brighten theirs with a beautiful bouquet

A beautiful way to say thank you

Whether their favourite blooms are roses, lilies or gerberas, you can pick the perfect bunch in one of our stores. To keep them looking lovely for as long as possible, here are a few top tips from our expert florists

Always wash your vase

Before putting flowers in, use a cap full of bleach and warm water to kill any bacteria, then let it dry naturally

Change the water

Use 3 parts cold water to 1 part warm – as flowers will absorb it more quickly. Change every 2–3 days for fresh flowers

Cut stems

Cut by 1 inch on a diagonal. The bigger surface area means they can absorb more water

Add sugar to the water

Adding 2–3 teaspoons will help feed your flowers after they're cut


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