Tesco in partnership with Loop

Tesco has teamed up with Loop for a ground-breaking trial. Together, we're bringing your favourite products to your door in reusable packaging, cutting down on plastic waste. This initiative is a key part of the Tesco 4Rs plan: Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

How it works

Get your products delivered conveniently to your door. Then, simply put the used empty packaging into the reusable tote and request a free pick-up and refill

About the partnership

We're proud to join with Loop to bring you sustainable packaging choices you can feel good about

The Tesco 4Rs plan

This exciting trial is part of our 4Rs Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle plan. We’re taking action to remove all non-recyclable and excess packaging. Where we can’t remove, we aim to reduce it, find new ways to reuse it, and ensure it's all recycled

Frequently asked questions

Will I receive Clubcard points?

Clubcard points and Tesco promotions won't be available.

How is the reusable packaging cleaned?

Loop uses industrial cleaning technology to clean every empty container, so they're ready to be reused. It's similar to technology used in aerospace and the medical industry, so you can be completely confident that your product packaging has been through a highly advanced cleaning process before it's refilled.

Where do loop deliver?

Loop can deliver to any mainland address in England, Scotland and Wales.

Will this be available in-store and online?

This will currently be an online-only trial.

Will there be any membership fee to use Loop, or will it cost me extra?

There are no membership fees. There is only a refundable deposit for the Loop Tote and each product container.

How do deposits work?

Each container and Loop Tote has a small deposit fee. When you place your first order, deposits will be taken from your payment card. These will be your 'Active Deposits'. As soon as you return containers to Loop, the deposits for them are moved to your unused deposit account with an email confirmation. This balance will automatically be reused for deposits for your next order. This will show in your checkout summary as 'Deducted from Deposit Account'.

In your Manage Deposits page, the Active Deposits total will reflect the number of containers and totes you have. Your 'Unused Deposits' total will reflect the amount that will be reused for future orders. You can withdraw this to your credit card at any time by contacting Loop Customer Care at support@loopstore.co.uk. Your deposits will always be returned to you, as long as the container linked to the deposit has been returned to Loop.

Loop's COVID-19 guidelines

When preparing orders

Antibacterial gel is available to our order pick-packers and delivery drivers, and is used between each delivery. The equipment used (phones in particular) is also disinfected daily.

During delivery

Our driver will keep a 2-metre distance and put your parcel at your door. As proof of delivery, they'll take a photo of the parcel with your door open (you don’t need to be in the photo). If you're self-isolating, just put a signed note on your door to tell us where to leave your parcel.


Put your empty containers in the Loop Tote and leave it outside your door. The driver won't need your signature, but if you open the door to them, please keep a 2-metre distance. As a precaution, our couriers will wait for 72 hours before touching the tote and carrying on with the return process.


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