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Stage 3: Organix veggie seahorse fun plate

  1. Ingredients: 1 bag of Organix veggie mini mix ups, 1 tbsp peas and sweetcorn, 1 cheese slice, 1 mini cucumber
  2. Slice the cheese into a large circle for the seahorse's head, a mini circle for the eye, a small rectangle for the snout and a large rectangle for the body and tail, plus 3 mini stars.
  3. Place the cheese shapes to create the seahorse's body, starting with the large rectangle and curling the bottom for the tail. Then place the head and snout pieces.
  4. To create the eye, slice a mini cucumber circle, add the mini cheese circle and top with a pea. Add 2 pieces of sweetcorn for the fin.
  5. Add the mini mix ups to create the seahorse coronet shape, and 3 mini mix ups to create bubbles. Then add more mix ups, sliced cucumber, peas, sweetcorn and cheese stars to the bottom of the plate to create the coral reef.

Organix veggie seahorse fun plate

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