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Tesco Grocery Accessibility Help

At Tesco Grocery we are committed to providing a site that is accessible to all our customers and provides the same experience to all. To achieve this we have coded the site to achieve level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, work with RNIB and listening to our customers. The process of achieving our goal is ongoing, with us and RNIB working together reviewing the site, working out fixes to issues and advise on how best to use the site.

Below please find hints and tips on how to make the grocery site accessible to you.

  1. Using your browser to optimise a site
  2. Layout of the pages
  3. Profiles
  4. Our commitment to improve accessibility on grocery

1. Using your browser to optimise a site

You are able to change your view of a site by changing the preferences in your browser, some of the areas you can change by a browser are:-

  • Turn off presets and fonts
  • Change font
  • Change font size
  • Change colours
  • Disable images

Your computer system also allows you to make changes to help with any accessibility needs you may have such as:-

  • Switch on sticky keys, so that when two or more keys need to be depressed at the same time such as for access key navigation,, you can press them one at a time instead.
  • Make the mouse pointer bigger, or slow down the speed at which it moves.

For step by step instructions on how to change any of the accessibility settings please see your browser or system help pages.

2. Layout of the pages

General Layout

Every page is coded in the following order

  • Tesco logo link
  • Skip links to Search, Main Content and Basket that are activated by a keyboard
  • Navigation links for, My Account, My Orders, Sign Out and Help
  • Navigation links for the main sections Grocery, Favourites, Special offers, Ideas and Recipes
  • Sub navigation links for the section e.g. departments Fresh Food, Bakery, etc
  • Optional additional links for the section e.g. an aisle of a department
  • Main Content
    • Breadcrumb
    • Main Heading
    • Content
  • Search and Multisearch
  • Shopping Basket - includes the checkout button
  • Useful Links
  • Additional navigation menu which includes links to Contact Us, Store Locator, Price Watch, Real Baskets, Terms & Conditions

Screenreader Hint:

We have coded the pages using a heading structure

Product Lists

The main content area is in the following order

  • Refine the product list filter section - where you can filter the list by favourites, special offers, new product and available aisles.
  • Optional Pagination, (the number of pages in the product list and links between them).
  • Links to change your view of the product list, either as a grid or a list.
  • Products
    • Product Name
    • Short shelf life, messaging
    • Offer message
    • Additional product links
    • Add to basket section

Screenreader Hint:

Each product name is a H3 heading , with the add to basket being the button immediately after it

Product Details

  • Product Name
  • Offer message
  • Add to basket
  • Optional Cheaper Alternative, Goes Well With, Healthy Alternative and in Ireland only Irish Alternative
  • Details on the product

Screenreader Hint:

A quick way to reach the first product on any product listing page is to use your screen reader shortcut to locate a button, as the first button on the page will be at the end of the first product.

Delivery Slot Page

  • Continue Shopping and Checkout buttons
  • Where would you like us to deliver your shopping
  • What time would you like your delivery?
    • Table of delivery slots over 3 weeks
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Packing Instructions
  • Continue Shopping and Checkout buttons


If using the page with JavaScript off and using a keyboard, tab on to the delivery slot table then use your arrow keys to select the slot you want. When you are happy tab off the table on to the Reserve Slot button, press enter and the slot will be reserved for you.

Screenreader Hint:

Once you have selected a delivery slot, use your screen reader shortcuts to immediately jump to the Reserve Slot button.

Checkout - Order Summary

  • Proceed to Payment button
  • Basket Details
  • Delivery Details
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Packing Instructions
  • Continue Shopping and Proceed to Payment buttons

Checkout - Payment

  • Confirm Order button
  • Payment Details
  • Use Clubcard vouchers and eCoupons
  • Cardholder's Address
  • Continue Shopping and Confirm Order buttons

Checkout - Confirmation Page

  • Order details
    • Delivery details
    • Order Summary
    • Payment Summary
  • What to do next?
  • Your order items

3. Profiles is committed to making our grocery site accessible to all, we recognise that some customers require a site optimised for their use to be able to shop for groceries without impediment. Just as we tailor our site for optimal use on different browsers, we have provided a series of viewing profiles which will customise the site to your needs, featuring additional content and remove cosmetic features such as JavaScript. We have 5 profiles for you to choose from:-

  • Standard - The site with full functionality
  • Low visibility - JavaScript has been disabled with simple styling
  • Screen reader - JavaScript has been disabled
  • Keyboard - Hover-over boxes (except for the navigation) and information boxes have been disabled to ensure you have access to all content.
  • Colour blind - Same as standard but with all links underlined. We have also allowed the site to accept your own styling to the site if required

These options are available in My Account under Viewing Options

4. Our commitment to improve accessibility on grocery

As part of our commitment to making the visitor experience consistent to everyone, we will continue to work on improving our website. In the meantime, should you experience any difficulties, please contact us explaining the problems you encountered on