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Screen Type

LCD Panels – High Resolution Full HD Detail

LCD panels used in BRAVIA® HD TVs from Sony ensure you see high definition detail at its best. Each liquid crystal filled cell of the LCD screen can be individually adjusted so that each dot (or pixel) on the TV displays vibrant colours and fine detail. With over 2 million pixels optimised on a Full HD screen, you can enjoy every detail of your favourite sports, movies and games.

LCD TVs Panels with high resolution Full HD detail and LED TVs with backlight technology

LED – Backlight Technology

LEDs are used to provide illumination for the display screens of most BRAVIA® TVs from Sony. The LED backlighting system inside BRAVIA® TVs from Sony uses individual White LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) arranged behind or at the top and bottom of the television’s LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen to provide light for the picture.

LED backlighting uses less energy than conventional CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting) backlighting, and allows thinner television sets to be built. LED backlighting can also deliver very high contrast, by directing light only to the areas of a picture which need to be bright – and leaving the dark areas un-illuminated.

3D LED TV in Full HD 1080p definition

Enjoy 3D TV in Full HD 1080p

With a 3D TV from Sony you can enjoy 3D pictures with Full High Definition 1080p quality. A BRAVIA® 3D TV from Sony uses Active Shutter technology to deliver clear, crisp 3D pictures to your 3D glasses.

Watch another type of 3D TV which uses polarised glasses and you’ll notice a clear difference in picture quality. 3D TV from Sony ensures you can enjoy an ever-growing selection of 3D games, movies, sport and TV in Full HD 1080p detail.

Picture Technology

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Clear pictures, natural colours

With X-Reality picture enhancement, images are crystal clear and colours as natural as real life. Detail is perfectly defined with no degradation or noise, even when watching standard definition pictures. It also helps your internet video services look amazing, even on the big screen.

Sony Bravia Engine TVs at Tesco

HD Ready


HD TVs have greater resolution, with two standards of 720p and 1080p. A 720p TV, also called a HD Ready TV, will deliver incredibly clear, crisp and vibrant colours compared to a standard definition TV.

Full HD 1080p


A 1080p TV, also called a Full HD 1080p TV, provides the highest level of detail available, further improving the picture and displaying a pin sharp, vibrant and true-to-life quality.



Motionflow technology with Image Blur Reduction and backlight blinking delivers a sharper, smoother picture – especially when you’re watching fast-moving action films or sports.

Internet Connectivity

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How to get Connected

To connect your BRAVIA® TV from Sony there’s no need for a PC or laptop, as all TVs in the range feature an ethernet port making it easy to connect your modem/router. Alternatively you can use an optional WiFi dongle to connect to your home network, whilst some of the range include built-in WiFi.




Catch Up Online with Sony Entertainment Network and Video Unlimited

Internet ready LCD and LED TVs from Sony at Tesco

Sony Entertainment Network brings the best of the internet straight to your television screen by seamlessly streaming online content through your broadband connection. With no need for a PC, you can access a world of online video entertainment direct from the comfort of your sofa.

Catch up on any TV programmes you’ve missed with BBC iPlayer*, or view Europe's leading sports entertainment platform, Eurosport. Plus get the best of video sharing sites like YouTube™ and DailyMotion™.

Stream movies from every major studio in Standard Definition, High Definition and even 3D through the Video Unlimited movie rental service.

Finding and watching what you want, when you want it has never been easier – and with new video channels being added all the time, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

Sony Entertainment Network

Energy Efficiency

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Intelligent Sensors in TVs

BRAVIA® TVs from Sony are full of clever technology, with a range of intelligent sensors that save energy and ensure you get optimal picture performance. Intelligent sensors analyse and respond to light levels, detect who is watching and even stop children getting too close to the screen.

LCD and LED TVs with intelligent light sensors
LCD and LED TVs with Eco features

Eco Features Built-in

BRAVIA® TVs from Sony feature clever technologies that help reduce the amount of power you use – from Ambient Sensors that automatically adjust picture brightness to Presence Sensors that will turn the picture off if you leave the room and don’t come back – saving energy and saving you money. And at the end of the day you can cut your power consumption to zero without having to unplug the TV with the Energy Saving Switch.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Blu Ray

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs available on Blu-ray and DVD© 2009 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved. *BBC iPlayer is not available in the Republic of Ireland. LoveFilm, DailyMotion and Demand 5 are only available in the UK and Northern Ireland. ”Freeview“ refers to UK Digital TV Transmissions.

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Ethernet is used to connect the TV to a wired network. Ethernet ports accept cables with RJ-45 connectors which are commonly used with network cables