Flat-packed furniture is great, but if you don't have the time or energy to assemble it yourself, the experts at Screwdriver can help you. Screwdriver is the national home assembly service for flat-packed furniture. Their experienced team can handle any flat-pack challenge - from a kitchen chair to a full set of bedroom furniture.

What does it cost?

Screwdriver's charges start from £52. Just call them for a quote. If the item you want is on their database they'll give you a fixed price, with no extras. And they'll arrange a time and date that's convenient for you. You'll make payment directly to Screwdriver.

For a quotation and to arrange assembly, call Screwdriver on 0800 454 828.

For more information visit the Screwdriver website

This service is provided by Screwdriver and is totally independent from Tesco Stores PLC and Tesco Stores Limited (“Tesco”). Tesco is not liable for any damages, claims or costs, however incurred, that arise from or in connection with the service provided to you by Screwdriver. This does not affect your statutory rights or the continuing rights you have in relation to products purchased from Tesco.

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