Our Pre-order Price Guarantee

  • Our Pre-order Price Guarantee is available on Tesco direct for all pre-order CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, games, books and technology. It's our guarantee to you to make sure that you pay the lowest between the price when you pre-order and the price on the release date.

    When you pre-order a product from us, you will need to pay the amount shown at the online checkout at the time of order.

    However, if the price is cheaper on day of release, we guarantee to refund the price difference.

    We will process the refund on the release date, and it will be automatically credited to your payment card within 5 working days.

    As always, we will do our best to deliver your pre-order product on the release date.

    Please note: Promotional discounts will only be applied to the price of your pre-order product on the Tesco direct site at the time you place your order and not any subsequent lower prices. Any refund will be inclusive of colleague discounts.

    Visit our help pages for further information.

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