Tesco's guide to choosing the perfect flowers

The simple yet thoughtful gesture of ordering flowers online can brighten the day for a friend, declare your affection for a loved one, or mark the happiest occasions in a beautiful way. From spring tulips to bright red roses, carnations to chrysanthemums and gerberas, there are plenty of lovely flower arrangements to choose from when you need a delightful gift or to brighten up your own home. Take a look at the Tesco range and select the bouquet with the right personal touch.

Tesco work with professional florists to create an attractive array of affordable bouquets and magnificent, elaborate flower arrangements. A combination of recognisable and vibrant blooms can make an eye-catching centrepiece for a lounge or dining table. Our guide will take you through some of the things you should consider before you select the perfect flower bouquet for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, an anniversary, or another special occasion. Of course, a bunch of flowers never goes out of fashion and the Tesco range can make someone's day throughout the year. Find a treat for yourself or someone special with our flowers buying guide.

Selecting flowers online

Shopping with Tesco ensures that you will be selecting flowers that are of the highest quality. They will be delivered with an open bloom and will continue to open over the next few days. Bouquets are designed creatively and prepared by expert florists with only the freshest flowers. Write a personal message to be dispatched with the flowers and enjoy a variety of delivery options, including next day and free delivery.

The Tesco selection features special seasonal bouquets, which bring the fresh hues of spring and summer like tulips or daffodils into your home, as well as mixed arrangements on offer all year round. Single statement flowers can be picked out for a simple present that will shine all by itself, perfect for a spontaneous token of affection.

Take time to consider the colours that are most appropriate for your flowers. With so many shades, textures and arrangements, selecting your flowers online allows you to pick just the right bouquet to accentuate the signature styles of the room where it will be displayed. If you have a type of flower in mind simply browse through the varied presentation options.

Romantic gift solutions

Popular and prized, roses are frequently selected to deliver warm wishes to loved ones. A delicately arranged bouquet of red roses is a celebrated traditional gift on St. Valentine's Day, while one of the simplest and most poignant romantic gestures is a stunning bunch of 12 long stem red roses that will be treasured by a loved one. Show you care with gorgeous roses on a wedding anniversary or a special birthday - they are available in several colours like red, yellow, white and cerise.

For a novel and endearing present for your partner, consider one of our chic bouquets combining exotic pistache, roses, antirrhinum and gerbera blooms. Alternatively, our brighter flowers create an impact with a colourful mix of yellow chrysanthemums, radiant orange gerbera, and fuchsiana roses. Subtler textures and shades can be found with perfectly mixed combinations of blooms such as robusta, avalanche roses and resomme.

Popular bouquets

When people consider the ideal arrangement for a selection of flowers, the natural choice is a mix of complementary coloured blooms specially preferred for their bright, fresh appearance. Our bestselling flowers include the heady pink hues of carnations, the classic beauty of Oriental lilies and Colombian alstro set alongside floral flourishes like limonium and salal and finished off with gift wrapping. These bouquets will brighten up any occasion or put a smile on your face when you buy them for your home.

Seasonal bouquets

Between spring and late summer, our special bouquets showcase the best of the seasonal flowers in bloom outside. Celebrate April's fresh feel with vivid yellow daffodils, tulips or spring iris blooms.

Towards the end of summer, bring one of the most distinctive flowers into your home with a simple bunch of vibrant, bright sunflower blooms - perfect for display on a kitchen window sill. Alternatively a scented selection of floral stocks adds the vibrant pinks, purples and whites of your garden to your indoor space. Summer flowers are particularly suitable for decorating a table for a dinner banquet, or adding colour to function rooms at parties throughout July and August.

Luxury bouquets

Momentous occasions are worthy of the most radiant blooms, so look no further than our finest hand-tied bouquets, a truly outstanding choice. These striking bunches bring together premium blooms like luscious red roses, carnations, anastasia and sweet avalanche blooms to create a wonderfully romantic gift for a proposal or engagement present. Buy from this range for your home and pick up a show-stopping bouquet combining best in class blossoms with fresh petals for a medley of flowers.

One of the benefits of choosing a premium arrangement is that there are lots of fantastic options on offer, contrasting these extraordinary flowers with other beautiful blooms to create a very personal selection. Visual highlights of the Tesco range include luxurious lily bouquets, skilfully designed by an artisan florist.

Sympathy gifts

The loss of a loved one can be painful and one way to show your support is with a bouquet of flowers. This is a time for delicate blooms that demonstrate sympathy and compassion, meaning subtle bouquets of lilies are appropriate.

Alternatively, if you are looking to cheer up a friend or loved one after a disappointing experience, something bright like peonies or a bouquet of buttercups might work better.

Whatever the occasion and whether the flowers are for you or a loved one, Tesco will ensure your delivery is memorable. You can also find out how to care for your flowers on arrival with our expert guide.