Tesco Access has changed!

We have completely redesigned Access so that it is no longer separate from our main website but is now right at the centre of it, enabling our Access customers to enjoy the same features and functionality available on the standard grocery site. As part of this work we have had to retire the old Access site.

What do you need to do in order to use the new version of the Access site?

To start using the new version of the site you will need to amend your account details. To do this just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to go to the Accessibility Options screen (you will need to sign in on the new login page along the way)
  2. Tick the "Use Access Site" check box and click "Confirm"
  3. On the confirmation page that appears click "Continue"
  4. On the subsequent Account page go to the navigation section at the end of the page and click "Superstore"

From then on whenever you enter the grocery website via any links on the Tesco.com website you will be automatically redirected to the new Access website.

Should you wish to revert to the alternative version of the Grocery site then you need to go to the My Account page, click on Accessibility Options, uncheck the tick box and click Update.

What's new?

The new site contains many more features, such as:

A help page containing more details on this new functionality can be found by clicking on the "Grocery Help" link at the bottom of the new Access homepage. Details on how to use the new site can be found by clicking on the "Using Access" link (in the same place).

Contact Details

If you experience any difficulties updating your account in order to use the new Access site or you have any comments about the website please contact us using the following email address: online@tesco.co.uk

TV Internet and Portset users

We have had reports that TV Internet and Portset users are having problems logging in to the new site. Please be assured that we are working as closely as we can with the manufacturers of these devices to find a resolution to this issue. If you are one of these users (or you use any other device to access the Internet) and you are having problems using the new site please send us an email to online@tesco.co.uk , giving details of the hardware you use and the nature of the issue (the more detail you can give us the easier it is for us to investigate it).