This is the core of Tesco's business where teamwork and support are essential. The environment never stands still, the pressure is relentless and it's hard work. It's a mix of hands-on doing and strategic planning, with the continual drive to look at ways of improving every aspect of what we do and the passion to make things happen.

A typical day starts with the night shift handover, checking the store and looking at the trading figures. You'll need to make sure the whole team is constantly on the ball and deal with any customer service issues. What's more, you may have a delivery or two whilst all this is going on. And then at the end of the day you'll review activities and prepare for tomorrow.

You can expect to be a Store Manager in five to eight years and if that seems a long time, just remember you'll be in charge of anything up to 800 staff and a 50m turnover. At the end of the day it's your business so as an individual you have a lot of influence and make all the difference. Tesco will give you the tools, framework and support to create a profitable, successful operation.

There are enormous opportunities in retail with some 650 stores and over 2000 senior managers. This is a roller coaster ride that can really get under your skin.

What you need:
minimum 2:2 in any discipline
14 UCAS points, or equivalent
to be internationally mobile
leadership, teamwork, common sense, and ability to get on with people.

Closing date for applications is Friday 3rd August 2001.