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You get 22 days' paid holiday per year. The holiday year runs from 1 April to 31 March. We do not normally allow holidays to be taken during a busy seasonal period e.g. the weeks before, of and after Christmas, and the weeks of Good Friday and Easter Monday. All graduates are entitled to an additional one day's paid leave to enable them to attend their college graduation ceremony.

We operate a first class contracted out contributory pension scheme for all employees.You can opt out of the scheme if you have already made plans,but most graduates choose to particapte.You can enhance your benefits by paying Additional Voluntary Contributions which are subject to tax relief.To find out more about the Pension Scheme please read our Members Guide which is available from our Graduate Recruitment Team.

Life Assurance
We operate free Life Assurance for all our employees. If you are a member of the company pension scheme, this amounts to a lump sum payment of three years' salary. If not, it's one year's salary. Again, your Personnel Manager will supply more information.

Benefits you're entitled to after one year

Privilegecard (Staff Discount)
The Privilegecard enables you to get a 10% discount on purchases of 3 or more in any of our UK stores and also collect Clubcard points on those above 1. Tobacco, cigarettes, petrol, coffee shop purchases, Tesco Saving Stamps, Tesco Gift Vouchers, non-Tesco owned pharmacies, National Lottery and any items specifically reduced for staff purchases are excluded from staff discount.

Save As You Earn (Share Option Scheme)
The way this works is very simple. You agree to save a weekly or four weekly amount with a bank/building society nominated by us. This amount is automatically deducted from your salary. After saving for three or five years, you can simply take the money, plus tax free bonus, or use it to buy Tesco shares at a discounted price.

A benefit you're entitled to after two years

Profit Sharing Scheme
This enables us to give you a share in the profits we make each year - a way of thanking you for the part you have played in our success. The scheme works like this. A proportion of our profit is set aside at the end of the financial year and this amount is allocated to employees in the form of company shares and held by us for three years. The number of shares you receive is based on your salary in the previous tax year. After three years, the shares are then automatically transferred into your name and are tax free.