The different Tesco store formats are designed to suit the varied shopping patterns of our customers. The flexibility they provide also helps us meet the changing demandsof planning policy. In designing new stores, we take account of the specific needs of the local community and are careful to ensure that architecture and landscaping are in sympathy with the surrounding area.

The superstore format proves as popular as ever for our customers' main,weekly, food and grocery shopping. With the vast range of products on offer, most of the family's needs can be met in one convenient time-saving trip. Shopping can be transferred quickly to the car and then home. Customers who do not have cars are generally able to use buses or local taxis.

Improvements in our ordering and distribution systems now allow us to supply smaller compact stores in areas which were previously difficult to serve. We began to build these specially designed stores in 1994 and there are now 15 in operation.

Tesco Metros are becoming a familiar part of the high street, with 15 stores in locations as diverse as central Glasgow and London's Canary Wharf. Metro offers the choice and value of the superstore for workers and residents in town centres.

The Express petrol forecourt and convenience store format is now being trialled and early results are encouraging. The trial will be extended with the opening of a further ten sites in the coming year.

Express StoreExpress

Metro StoreMetro

Compact StoreCompact


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