Terms and Conditions

  1. Locations
    1. The Clubcard Fuel Save scheme is available in all Tesco Stores in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In order to earn Clubcard Fuel Savings, customers must do their shopping in one of these stores or have a dotcom delivery from one of these stores through Tesco.com/groceries.
    2. In order to redeem discounts earned through Clubcard Fuel Save ("Clubcard Fuel Savings"), customers must purchase fuel at a Tesco Petrol Filling Station in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Esso and Esso alliance sites are excluded.
  2. Qualification
    1. To qualify for Clubcard Fuel Save, a customer must be a Clubcard member with a valid Clubcard or Clubcard key-fob.
    2. To qualify for a 2p per litre saving in-store, a customer must spend a minimum of £50 and scan their valid Clubcard or Clubcard key-fob at the checkout or to qualify for a 2p per litre saving online, a customer must spend a minimum of £50 at Tesco.com/groceries and ensure they have entered their correct and valid Clubcard details at the time of payment. The minimum £50 spend need not be carried out in one transaction. Multiple shops will earn a saving of 2p per litre, as soon as the minimum spend of £50 is reached. The multiple shops must be carried out in the same calendar month.
    3. Multiple spends of £50 in one shop will qualify for more Clubcard Fuel Savings, e.g. a spend of £100 will earn a customer a 4p per litre saving, a spend of £150 will earn a customer a 6p per litre saving etc.
    4. Clubcard savings will load in 1p increments for every £25 spent, however savings can only be redeemed in 2p increments and will therefore only apply after each £50 spend. For example, if you have spent £75 in one shop and your store receipt shows that you have earned 3p of Fuel Savings, at that time you would only be able to use 2p Fuel Savings at the pump. The extra 1p will stay loaded on your Clubcard and can be used once your Fuel Savings have been built up to 2p. If, however, you do not reach the £50 threshold in that calendar month you will lose the 1p at the end of that calendar month.
    5. If a customer does not use their Clubcard at the point of purchasing items they will not earn Clubcard Fuel Savings and they cannot be credited at a later date.
    6. Qualifying spend excludes purchases of Infant milk formulae, tobacco products, fuel, prescription medicines, stamps, saving stamps, lottery, cafe, E-Top-up, money, insurance, Tesco gift cards, Paypoint and purchases from in-store concessions (including, but not limited to, Costa, Harris & Hoole, Giraffe)
    7. With the exception of qualifying purchases from Tesco.com/groceries, online purchases made on Tesco websites (including, but not limited to, Tesco Direct, both home delivered and collected in-store via Click & Collect, Wine by the Case, Clothing and Blinkbox) are excluded.
    8. Local market promotions may apply at Tesco's discretion.
      Double fuel savings available in Northern Ireland only (excludes England, Scotland, Wales and ROI). For every £50 you spend on shopping in-store and online at tesco.com/groceries, you'll earn 4p off every litre of fuel. Offer applies to in-store purchases and grocery deliveries made between 25/09/2014 and 28/09/2014. Any fuel savings earned will be valid until midnight on 31/10/2014. Valid at Tesco petrol stations only. Exclusions and validity limits apply. Maximum 20p/litre and 100 litres per transaction.
  3. Redemption
    1. Clubcard Fuel Savings can be used immediately once earned. You must advise the Tesco Petrol Filling Station or Tesco Express cashier that you want to use your Clubcard Fuel Savings and present them with your Clubcard before payment. If you are using pay at pump, insert your clubcard before your payment card and follow the on-screen instructions. Clubcard Fuel Savings can only be redeemed in 2p increments, ie, 2p or 4p or 6p etc. If your receipt balance shows that you have accumulated an uneven number of fuel savings, you will only be able to redeem the next lowest even number worth of Fuel Savings, for example, if you have accumulated 7p, you will only be able to redeem 6p of Fuel Savings in one transaction. The remaining 1p will stay on your Clubcard for use next time, once it can be redeemed as part of an even number of fuel savings. If, however, you do not reach the £50 threshold in that calendar month you will lose the 1p at the end of that calendar month.
    2. Alternatively, Clubcard Fuel Savings can be accumulated up to the end of the calendar month in which the Savings were earned.
    3. There is no restriction on the number of Clubcard Fuel Savings that can be earned in one month. The maximum saving that can be used in one fuel transaction is 20p per litre. If you have accumulated over 20p fuel savings, a 20p discount will apply to your first transaction and your unused fuel savings will be saved for use next time (again, a 20p limit per transaction will apply). For example, if you have accumulated 26p of savings credits, when you buy fuel using your Clubcard Fuel Savings you will receive a 20p discount and 6p will remain on your Clubcard for next time (subject to expiry timeframes).
    4. Clubcard Fuel Savings operate on a monthly cycle, starting on the 1st of each month and ending on the last day of the calendar month. Savings earned each calendar month can be used in that month (month 1) or the next month (month 2). Any Savings accumulated in month 1 and carried over into month 2 cannot be combined with any Savings earned in month 2, and those month 1 Savings will expire at the end of month 2 if not used. Any Savings earned in month 2 will expire at the end of month 3 if not used, etc.
    5. Savings from each month will remain separate, and cannot be used together. Savings must be used in the chronological order of their collection. For example, if you carry over a 4 pence saving from month 1 into month 2, and have collected 6pence in month 2, you must redeem the 4p from month 1 first in a fuel transaction, before then being able to redeem the 6pence earned in month 2 in a subsequent fuel transaction.
    6. Savings from each month can only be carried over to the next month in even numbers. This means that if by the end of month 1 you had earned 7p, only 6p would be carried over for redemption in month 2. This is because once month 1 savings are carried over to month 2, you can no longer add to the month 1 savings, and because Fuel Savings must be redeemed in even numbers.
      • Example 1
      • Joe Smith does a £55 shop on each of the 16th, 23rd and 28th February, earning a total 6p (2p per shop) per litre saving with Clubcard Fuel Save. These pennies could be used after every shop to earn 2p off per litre of fuel, provided no points are outstanding from January (which need to be redeemed first), or used together after all three shops for 6p off a litre in one fuel transaction. If by 23.59 on 28th February, Joe Smith has not used the 6p per litre saving with Clubcard Fuel Save or qualified for further Clubcard Fuel Save Savings in February, these Savings can be carried into March for use during March. If Joe Smith earns a further 2p per litre saving with Clubcard Fuel Save in March, the February Savings must be used before the March Savings. However, if the 6p per litre saving from February is not redeemed against one fuel transaction by 23.59 on 31st March, the 6p per litre saving will expire. The remaining 2p per litre saving earned in March will be valid until 23.59 on 30th April and must be used before any new Clubcard Fuel Savings earned in April are used.
      • Example 2
      • Joe Smith does a £80 shop on the 1st February, which earns him 3p of Fuel Savings. On his receipt it will show that Joe has earned 3p of Fuel Savings. Fuel savings can only be redeemed in even numbers. Joe Smith can either redeem 2p of savings at the pump and save the left over 1p for another time, once he has accumulated more Fuel Savings, or he can wait until he spends another £20, which will take him to a total spend of £100 and earn him another 1p of Fuel Savings, bringing his total to 4p (an even number) which he can then spend all at once.  
    7. Clubcard Fuel Savings can be used in conjunction with Tesco Fuel Coupons (received, for example, through promotions such as Tesco's "spend £50, get 5p off per litre of fuel" promotion). The 20p per litre maximum discount only relates to Fuel Savings and does not include Tesco Fuel Coupons, for example a customer could use his/her 16p of Fuel Savings, plus a 5p per litre of fuel voucher, for a total discount of 21p per litre.
    8. Clubcard Fuel Savings can be used to earn money off each full litre of fuel to the maximum amount of 100 litres per single transaction. Single transaction means the refuelling of one vehicle or the filling of one acceptable container. Refuelling multiple vehicles or the use of containers alongside vehicles are not single transactions and will not qualify for the use of Clubcard Fuel Savings.
    9. Discount is available on one individual purchase of Petrol, Diesel or AdBlue for one vehicle only. Mixed grade transactions are excluded.
  4. General
    1. The Clubcard Fuel Save scheme will end on 31st August 2015 (with redemption of Clubcard Fuel Savings earned in August 2015 continuing until 30th September 2015). However, we reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time before this date, without prior notice.
    2. If you have more than one clubcard linked to the same household ID any fuel savings earned on any of the linked Clubcards will be shared, they will not be held as a separate balance. Any Clubcard linked to that household ID can redeem the shared fuel savings. If you would like to link or de-link Clubcards please contact the Customer Service Centre.
    3. Clubcard cards and key fobs remain the responsibility of each Clubcard member, as do any security details relating to the account. Except as required by law, Tesco takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss arising out of or in connection with a Clubcard member failing to ensure the safe-keeping of his/her personal data and security details.
    4. Clubcard Fuel Savings are not transferrable or exchangeable for cash.
    5. This scheme is only for personal and consumer use. Clubcard Fuel Savings cannot be used for any business transaction or purpose.
    6. We operate a fair use policy in respect of the Clubcard Fuel Save scheme. The fair use policy is implemented to ensure that all customers can continue to use the Clubcard Fuel Save scheme. The fair use policy is set out below.
      1. (a) Where we suspect that any false or fraudulent claims have been made or someone is abusing the spirit of the Clubcard Fuel Save scheme, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse to allow Clubcard Fuel Savings to be redeemed.
      2. (b) Clubcard Fuel Savings awarded may be removed or cancelled if Tesco determines, in its sole discretion, that the Savings were collected in breach of these terms and conditions or were awarded in error.
      3. (c) Returns can still be made in accordance with our Returns Policy (see www.tesco.com/ /termsandconditions/termsconditionsGroc.htm#Returns). However, we reserve the right to remove any Clubcard Fuel Savings earned when offering the refund. This does not affect your statutory rights.
      4. (d) Tesco is under no obligation to award Clubcard Fuel Savings for any reason outside of qualifying transactions.
    7. Customers wishing to speak to a customer service assistant should call 0800 59 16 88.
    8. The promoter of Tesco Clubcard is Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco House, PO Box 18, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 9SL.
    9. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, and any disputes will be decided only by the English courts. Tesco reserves the right to change these, at any time, on reasonable notice for legal, regulatory, business or policy reasons. Clubcard members who continue to participate in the scheme following such a change will be considered to have accepted the updated terms and conditions.
    10. Terms and conditions displayed in store and in other media, including in printed materials and leaflets, may not reflect the most recent version of these online terms and conditions. Tesco will use its best endeavours to ensure all versions of its Fuel Save terms and conditions are updated in a timely manner. However, Clubcard Fuel Savings online terms and conditions are the most up to date terms and conditions and will prevail over terms and conditions displayed elsewhere.

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