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  • What is Clubcard Fuel Save?

    Clubcard Fuel Save is a scheme from Tesco that allows you to get money off fuel, just by doing your shopping and scanning your Clubcard. Fuel Save was launched in March 2014. Due to its popularity we have allowed it to continue to run and it will now end on 31st August 2015. You can continue to earn fuel savings up until this date and you redeem your August savings up until 30th September 2015.

  • How does it work?

    It's simple. The more you shop, the more you save on fuel. Whether you're shopping online for your weekly shop or popping in store for a sandwich, every shop counts. For every £50 you spend on your shopping, you'll earn 2p off every litre of fuel when you fill up at a Tesco petrol station.

  • So how does it accumulate?

    Well, for every additional £50 you spend, through big or small shops, you get an extra 2p off a litre. So, if you spend £100, you earn 4p off a litre, spend £150, you earn 6p off a litre and so on. Every shop counts, as long as you remember to scan your Clubcard. Why not use our fuel save calculator to get an idea of how much you could save.

  • What does your receipt show?

    * This shows any fuel savings you earned last month which haven't been redeemed. You have until the end of this month to redeem them.

    ** This shows any fuel savings you have earned this month. You have until the end of next month to redeem them.

    Don't forget that you cannot combine the two balances and the next fuel savings to expire must be used first.

  • Do the fuel savings expire?

    They do, but you'll have plenty of time to spend them. Once you've earned your fuel savings, they'll expire at the end of the following month. For example: Fuel savings earned in March, can be used until the end of April. Just make sure you use them before then. Don't worry if you're forgetful, we'll remind you when your savings are about to expire at the bottom of your receipt. Or if you shop online, it'll be in your email.

  • Can I combine savings from different months?

    You can't combine the savings you earn in one month with those you earn in another. So, while any savings you make in March could be spent in April, they couldn't be combined with any new savings you earn in April. When you come to redeem your fuel savings, you need to use your oldest savings first. That way, they don't expire and you don't miss out on a saving.

  • What can I earn fuel savings on?

    You can earn fuel savings on most purchases in-store and online at There are a few exclusions which are detailed here.

  • Do I still get my Clubcard points?

    Yes you do.

  • How do I know what fuel savings I've earned?

    Your fuel savings summary can always be found at the bottom of your shopping receipt. If you shop online, we'll email you the day after your delivery. When you fill up at a Tesco petrol filling station, the customer assistant will let you know what savings you've earned before you pay. If you pay at the pump your balance will be shown when you scan your Clubcard. You can also check your fuel savings online, via your My Clubcard Account then view "My Fuel Save".

  • Is there a limit to the amount of fuel savings I can earn?

    There's no limit to the savings you can earn. But there is a maximum saving of 20p per litre on one single transaction.

  • Can I use just part of my savings in one transaction?

    No, you can either use the whole saving or hang on to them and let them build up. However, if you've earned more than your 20p a litre limit, you can spend that and keep anything that's left over.

  • How do I redeem my fuel savings?

    Your fuel savings are stored on your Clubcard. If you pay at the kiosk, first, fill up, scan your Clubcard and when you pay we'll tell you what fuel savings you can make per litre. It's up to you if you would like to use them there and then or keep on saving. Or, if you choose to pay at the pump, scan your Clubcard before you fill up. You'll then be shown your fuel savings balance and given the option to use them on that transaction. Simple.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of fuel I can buy using my fuel savings?

    Yes. You can buy up to 100 litres per transaction and there is also a fair usage policy (see terms and conditions).

  • Are all stores taking part?

    Yes. Every UK store is taking part. You can earn fuel savings in all of our stores from Extras to Expresses and even online at Every shop you do counts.

  • Which Tesco Petrol filling stations can I use my fuel savings at?

    You can use your fuel savings at any Tesco petrol filling station in the UK & Northern Ireland, excluding Esso Express stations. View full list of stations.

  • What if I've lost my Clubcard or I don't have one?

    If your card has been lost, damaged or stolen, visit Clubcard to order a replacement. If you don't currently have a Clubcard, it's easy to sign up. Join today.

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