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  • What was Clubcard Fuel Save?

    Clubcard Fuel Save was a scheme from Tesco that allowed you to get money off fuel, just by doing your shopping and scanning your Clubcard. Fuel Save was launched in March 2014 and ended on 31st August 2015 with redemptions running until 30th September 2015.

  • How did Fuel Save work?

    You could earn fuel savings online and in store. For every £50 you spent on your shopping, you would have earned 2p off a litre of fuel when you filled up at a Tesco petrol station. All you had to do was scan your card at the end of every shop. The fuel savings would accumulate over each month and for every additional £50 spent, you'd earn an extra 2p off a litre.

  • Where could I earn fuel savings?

    You could earn fuel savings in every UK store from Extras to Expresses and online at

  • Where could I use my fuel savings?

    You could use your fuel savings until 30th September at any Tesco Petrol filling station in the UK & Northern Ireland, excluding Esso Express stations.

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