Sony Playstation 3

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The most powerful Games console on Earth

All new!

With a host of stunning launch titles including the much anticipated 'Resistance: Fall of Man' the Playstation 3 will have plenty to keep you occupied from day 1.


The new 'Sixaxis™' controller keeps the classic design that made the PS2 controller the best selling games pad in the world.

New additions have been introduced to ensure the next gen machine has next gen control!

  • Tilt - Control games directly through six degrees of movement by simply tilting the controller!
  • Wireless - Play wirelessly using Bluetooth technology
  • Multiplayer - Use up to SEVEN controllers on 1 Playstation 3
  • Batteries not included... - nor is the required with the charger cable that connects directly with the PS3

Blu-Ray DVD

Not only is the PS3 an outstanding gaming machine - it is also a cutting-edge Blu-Ray DVD player!
So you can simply upgrade your living room to the latest technology in one purchase!

Playstation Network

Play your games online, or simply make new friends in the Playstation Network.

With no annual fees to join it is simple to get online and create a profile. Download content like music, games demos and get the most out of your PS3.

Multiplayer games will incur their own charges though.

PSP Connection

The PS3 is designed to connect with your PSP and share content between the 2 formats. Knowledge on the future plans for this connectivity is limited however with the power of PSP and PS3 it is an exciting prospect!

Keep checking for more information on stock and ordering the Playstation 3! Buy now