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Garden furniture


Tesco brand garden furniture uses timber from well-managed forests. Our sources are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved, or members of the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) committed to achieving the FSC standard through the SGS certification support programme.

In addition to the audits carried out by the FSC and TFT, a Tesco technical manager has visited all the factories, and a Tesco representative has carried out audits at all the manufacturing sites. We are in possession of relevant FSC and TFT documentation to demonstrate that the timber comes from legal and sustainable sources. Tesco worked with the FSC and TFT to provide improved at point of sale information for customers.

We are pleased this year to have received ‘A’ grade rating in Greenpeace’s 2005 Garden Furniture Survey, in recognition of the controls we have established over the sourcing of timber for our garden furniture. Customers can check the source of the garden furniture they buy through the Greenpeace online garden furniture guide

‘We welcome Tesco’s commitment to sourcing and selling FSC-certified timber and timber products, such as garden furniture. The aim of the FSC is to improve the standard of forest management around the world by providing a market driven mechanism. When a retailer the size of Tesco commits to the FSC system it can have a very real effect on the ground and throughout the supply chain. We look forward to seeing the Tesco range of FSC-certified products expand over the coming years.’
Anna Jenkins, Director, FSC UK.


Garden furniture