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Working with our suppliers in Northern Ireland


‘Tesco have provided local farmers and food processors with a very valuable route to market not just in Northern Ireland but more importantly throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland. Many local businesses who have been able to meet the challenging requirements of the Tesco consumer have seen their sales grow and their business flourish.’
David Dobbin, Chairman of CBI Northern Ireland and Group Chief Executive of Dale Farm, Northern Ireland’s leading dairy company.

Many Northern Ireland suppliers have grown in partnership with Tesco. This is crucial to keeping what we offer customers fresh, attractive and local. As a result:

  • Tesco is the biggest customer of Northern Ireland’s agriculture;
  • we spend more than £300 million per year with Northern Ireland food and drink suppliers;
  • we have a team of eight based in a dedicated regional office who focus on buying local products, to try to reflect customer preferences;
  • our stores in Northern Ireland stock over 1,500 local and regional products.


Working with our suppliers in Northern Ireland

All fresh beef and lamb sold in our Northern Ireland stores is sourced from over 1,500 local farmers through Foyle Meats.