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How will you choose to spend your vouchers?

Treat yourself or your loved ones with Clubcard.
See how to make the most of your Clubcard Vouchers with a great range of options.

First we'll send your clubcard vouchers

Then it's up to you how to spend them

£5 and £10 vouchers

Every 3 months we'll send you vouchers based on the amount of points you have collected. You can choose to spend them as they are against your shopping in-store, online and at the pump, or you can also make them go further with Clubcard Boost.

Up to 4 times the value With Clubcard Boost, we have a range of great partners where you can get up to 4x the value of your vouchers or you can Boost on selected products at Tesco.

Boost your vouchers or spend as they are

There are 3 options - What works for you?

Spend your vouchers as they are online, in-store or at the pump Your Clubcard vouchers can help with your weekly shop, filling up your petrol tank and lots more.